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This guide will provide you with the abilities of all the characters in Free Fire. You can use their abilities in the game to survive and win the match. 

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    There are a total of 39 characters in the free fire.  


    When you level up Shirou and use his skin, you will see a pink mark on the enemy when he gives you the damage from a distance. You will get to know the location of the enemy on the map for six seconds, but not your teammates. Within six seconds, you can shoot your first bullet to damage the vest the same as the normal player without a vest. The cool downtime of this character is 20 seconds.  


    Kelly can run six percent faster than any other character.  

    Elite Kelly 

    When you use Elite Kelly and run for seven seconds, the first two shots on target inflict damage of 120 percent, which lasts for five seconds.  


    For every ten percent decrease in the maximum HP of Hayato,  the armor penetration increases by ten percent. If the enemy attacks you and your HP is less than 180 HP, then Hayato’s ability will start, and it will increase the damage to the enemy by two. If you give him damage of 15, then with his ability, the damage will be 17.  

    Elite Hayato 

    When the enemy gives you the damage, Elite Hayato has the ability to reduce the frontal damage by 30 percent for three seconds, and it takes 50 seconds to charge again. When you fire on the enemy, then his ability will not work.


    This character’s ability is when someone is spotting you from a distance, or you have killed someone in the game, then the enemy who gives you the headshot decreases the damage by 4.5 percent up to 30 percent. He will increase the damage from 5 percent to 20 percent.  


    The ability of this character is to restore 16 armor durability after every kill. If you have a level 2 vest and you kill the enemy, your vest will automatically upgrade to level 3.  


    Alok is an activistic character, it has the ability to create a five-meter circle that increases ally movement speed by 15 percent, and in every second, you will get 5 HP which lasts for 10 seconds. It means you will get the whole of 50 HP, and the charging time of this character is 40 seconds. If you are using his ability and your teammate is also standing in the circle, then Alok will also increase your friend’s HP. 


    When you kill any enemy with a shotgun or SMG, you will get 40 HP from Jota. His cool downtime is 5 seconds which means if you kill the enemy, then Jota will give you 40HP.  


    The ability of A124 character is to convert 40 EP into HP very quickly, and the charging time for her ability is 60 seconds. She is a female activist.


    When you use a scoping gun in the game, her ability increases the accuracy to 30 percent while scoping in. 


    Rafael is a killer character that has the ability to hide your location for 10 seconds on the map. The charging time for this character is 60 seconds if you have level 8. 


    Moco is a female character, and when you use her in the game and damage the enemy, you will find a blue mark on the enemy that lasts for 5 seconds. You can also see the location of the enemy on your minimap for five seconds and share this enemy location with your teammates. 


    Caroline is a female character that is mostly used for Shotgun players. She has the ability to increase your movement speed by 8 percent as compared to a normal character. It will help you to take advantage of the enemies and kill them.   


    Using this character’s ability will convert you into a bush, and no one can damage you when you are using his ability. You have to make sure that you are in a standing position; otherwise, this character’s ability will not work, and it will take 200 seconds to charge his skill.  


    Paloma is mostly used for the backpack in the game if you level her up to 8. If you have a level 1 backpack, her ability will easily add up to 180 AR ammo in the backpack.  


    The ability of Maxim that he uses the medkit faster by 12 percent. And Maxim is a competitive eater.


    Kla is the first master character. He can kill the enemy with only one punch because this character’s ability increases the fist damage to 400 percent compared to normal characters, as shown in the image below.   


    This ability of this character will give you 80 EP for each kill. Miguel is the commander of the section in the special forces.  


    When you play the game, your HP is 200 by default. But when you use this character, you will get an extra 35 HP which is 235 HP, but only once. You can use Antonio in the clash squad and get the 35 extra HP in each round.  


    Misha is a female character; she will increase her driving speed by 12 percent. If some enemy gives you damage during the drive, she will decrease the damage by 30 percent.  


    SMG players mostly use Nikita, and the ability of this character is that she can increase the reloading speed of the SMG by 24 percent, which is very useful in the game as compared to the normal character.  


    Olivia is a female character. When your teammate got knocked out, and you wanted to revive him, then Olivia will give you an extra 40 percent HP in the game.  


    The ability of this character is to decrease the vest’s durability by 12 percent. Andrew was once a police officer 


    When you use this character and play the game, his ability will reduce the damage when you are outside the safe zone by 24 percent.  


    This character has no ability as you can only change the skin color, as shown in the image below.  


    Primis have no such ability, but you can change the color of the skin from white to black or black to white. 


    Skyler unleashes a sonic wave forward, which will damage five gloo walls within 50 meters. If you have low health, then each Gloo wall deployed will result in an increasing 40 HP. 


    When you use this character in the game and fall from a huge height, you will get 50 percent less damage. She can reduce the recovery time from falls by 80 percent and reduce the recoil rate by 10 percent.


    Chrono creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. If you do the movement at that time, your movement speed will increase by 30 percent, and the duration of this skill is 8 seconds. It will take 40 seconds to cool down. 


    Clu is a female character, and if you use her ability, you can get the location of the enemies within a 50-meter radius of you in the mini-map. If you have her level 8, then she can also share the location with your teammates.  


    When you use this character in the game, you will get the option of 250 EP. There are two modes of this character: the first one is EP mode, and the second one is HP mode. When you enable the EP mode, K will give you two EPs in two seconds until you reach 150 EPs in the game and stop after 150 EPs. When you enable the HP mode of this character, you will not get EP. If your health is low, this character will give you 5 HP each second until your EP is finished.  


    Kapella is a female character, and she is a basic character who has the ability to increase the effect of the healing items by 20 percent and the healing skills by 10 percent. When you are knocked out in the game, then this character will slow down the rate line.


    When you use Jai to knock out the enemy, the gun’s magazine automatically gets reloaded by 45 percent of its capacity. And you can only use his ability in SMG guns, AR guns, Shotguns, and Pistols.


    Notora is a female character, and her ability is Passive. When you are driving with her, she will give you 5 HP in two seconds. If your teammates are also in the same car, they will also give them the same HP in two seconds.  


    Steffie is a female character, and she creates graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 25 percent. If the enemy tries to give you the damage with a bullet, she will reduce the damage by 5 percent, and her skill lasts for ten seconds. The cool downtime of this character is 45 seconds.  


    Alvaro can increase the damage of explosive weapons by 16 percent, and also he can increase the damage range by 10 percent. Alvaro is a wild but skilled character.   


    Laqueta is a passive character. He can increase the maximum HP by 18 up to 35 on every kill.  


    Playing with Joseph, your movement and sprinting will increase by 20 percent compared to the normal character when the enemy gives you damage. Joseph has passive skill ability. But this character’s ability will only work when your enemy gives you the damage; otherwise, it won’t work.  

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