All Gadgets in BFV Summer

Battlefield V Summer features different gadgets that you can use with different kits. You can use them to destroy enemies or obstacles.

Gadget NamesDescription
Pistol FlamethrowerThe Pistol Flamethrower is a gadget you can use in the Assault kit. It shoots a stream of fire that can set enemies on fire. It has a magazine of 25 rounds and starts with 25 rounds. It can hold up to 25 rounds.
Shaped ChargeShaped Charge is a gadget that you can use to destroy obstacles. It can be set on the ground and will explode after a short time, damaging anything in the area.
KampfpistoleThe Kampfpistole is a gadget in Battlefield 5 that the Support class can use. It is a single-shot weapon that starts with two rounds and can hold up to 3 rounds.
Doppel SchussThis gadget is a special type of flare that sticks to surfaces and reveals enemies and gadgets in the area. It has a limited amount of flares that you can use before reloading.
RMN50 Rifle FragRMN50 Rifle Frag is a grenade that explodes and sends shrapnel flying in all directions.
Demolition GrenadeThe Demolition Grenade is a grenade that all kits can use. It is a powerful explosive that can damage enemies and vehicles.
Type 99 MineThe Type 99 Mine is a grenade that all kits can use. It is an explosive that can be thrown and detonated, and it has a maximum of 2 mines that you can carry at a time.
FirecrackersFirecrackers are small explosives that make a loud noise. They are usually used to celebrate holidays or special occasions.

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