All Glitches In Anime Fighting Simulator | Roblox

This guide will let you know about all the glitches in the Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator game. It will explain to you the method to perform different glitches in the game.
To do this glitch, you need Sasuke or Goku and even titan (Boss).

Summon yourself into a titan.

Then punch him with the fist (only fist).

Here you have infinite Kaioshin.

So it does 80% buff, which gives you more DMG.

Let’s go to the new Glitch.

To do this glitch, you will need an ice armament.

Now press c and instantly create a group.

You can do a lot of damage with it.

Let’s move on to the next glitch.

To do this, you will need a jet quirk.

You can sit rather in durability mode or Chakra mode.

Then press X, and you can move around!!

It has no use, but still, it looks cold.

You can use this to flung over the map.

If you have still reached here, you deserve 1 Golden star.

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