All Glitches in Distorted Memory – Roblox Piggy Glitches

This guide will provide you with all the glitches in Distorted Memory in Roblox Piggy. 

For this one, you first have to jump on the circumference of the well.

Then you have to zoom in. Go Backward, jump, and then hold forward like this. And once you are here, you will be safe.

It is what it should look like at normal speed.

It’s a lot easier than it looks. For this one, you first go to the spot as shown in the image below and then go in the first person.

Go and walk, diagonally into the railing like this.

You have to make sure that you are climbing.

For this one, you need to do a dance clip through the wall.

At this part of the dance, zoom in on the right side of your avatar. If you are successful in doing the clip, you will be sucked inside the fence like this. You can easily get out by simply zooming in and moving your camera all over the place.

Those were the only glitches that were useful. All of the other ones will get you killed. There’s a glitch to get through the window from the outside.

It’s super simple to do too. Your camera should be positioned like this. Go as close to the window as possible when you are at the top of the jump, press and hold space. Zoom in at the top of the jump. It lets you completely skip the cyan key.

It’s super simple to do. You first go to the back of the shed.

Walk towards the shed’s wall and continue walking into it while moving your camera around until it goes through the wall.

You can click the items inside the shed. That’s it. 

Now there is a glitch to glitch out of the map. There are multiple ways to do it, but this is the most consistent one.

You can do this glitch at the start of the game. The first thing you have to do is position yourself like this; you have to touch the corner of the bed with your back. Zoom in while your camera is at this position to clip through. If you didn’t teleport into the wall, you have to try again.

If you are successful, you should teleport here. To get completely out of the map, zoom in and move your camera all over the place.

And you are in front of the map now.

There is a glitch to get under the map. You have to go to this door in the basement.

Zoom in and position yourself like this; you have to be touching the corner of the door with your back.

Zoom in front of your player when you think the positioning is right. If done corrently, you will be outside the map.

The next glitch is just funny; you can get killed here. You look like a decapitated head on the counter (People still see your name on your head).

To do this glitch, you will need to crouch in the corner of the kitchen.

And align your camera to the corner of the room.

Hold D or if you’re in Mobile, move the stick to the right. While doing that, move the camera to the left to perform the glitch. 

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