All Items Explained – Roblox Paranormica

This guide will provide you the details about all the items in Roblox Paranormica. 

Flash Light 

The flashlight gives you a source of light to travel through the missions. The max Flashlight is 4. 


Lanterns were a really good light source and bright, but it is really bad for a limited range light source. (Max Lanterns: 2)


A Fuse is a tool if the power goes out and lights aren’t working; you can use this tool to turn it back on by finding a Fuse Box. It can be caused by the ghost or turning on too many lights.

EMF Reader 

The Emf reader tells the ghost activity if it goes to red/level 5; it can be used as evidence. So far, this game only has Yellow and Red for the EMF Reader.

NV Camera 

The NV camera helps you find a white orb/ghost orb, and you mark it as evidence. The Orb can be found in a room or hallway, mostly anywhere.

Bird Cage 

The birdcage is vulnerable to toxic fumes; if it’s near a ghost, it will die. The bird will die only to the demon, ghoul.

Spirit Book 

The Spirit book allows ghosts to write in it; it’s best to hold the book or leave it in a dark room; because of this, it can go hunting mode soon since it is written on the book. (Ghosts that can be written in the book spirit, demon, ghoul).

Spirit Box 

The Spirit Box only works near the ghost and mostly works when you’re next to the Ghost Orb. (For It to work, hold the spirit box out and say, “How old are you?” or “Where are you?” the ghost will make a sound in the game if it works. The only ghost that works with a spirit box is Poltergeist, Shade).


It tells how cold the room you are in or where you are; the lower it gets it’s most likely could be in that room. If it goes below 10 degrees celsius and you see cold breath, it can be marked as evidence.

Sanity Donuts 

Sanity Donuts helps you if your sanity is low. If you eat the sanity donut, it increases your sanity back up. (Difficulty 5 sanity donuts heal 0%)


The Crucifix helps you if you are about to be attacked by the ghost. By preventing this, drop the crucifix in the ghost room or the room you are in (Crucifix disappears if you use it and can only stop hunting for a time; also, the crucifix can protect other people).


Post to detect ghost s movements and some ghosts are afraid of salt (Not added in yet) salt are only good for optional objectives.

Ouija Board 

The Ouija board works like the spirit box; you have to put it in the same room, but instead, it can answer back on the board. (It has a random chance of spawn in the map and cannot be held) answer questions like in the spirit box.

Removed Item Video Camera 

This tool was super helpful in the game and can be placed somewhere and transmit the video from the truck. (Removed because of lag) 

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