All Liberty City Gun Club Challenges – GTA Chinatown Wars

This guide will provide you with the details of all Liberty City Gun Club challenges in GTA Chinatown Wars. 

Liberty City Gun Club is a round challenge requiring players to win points by shooting enemy targets while avoiding friendly ones.

Table of Contents

    Completing this challenge is required for the 100% completion of the game.

    After the mission Under The Gun, you can visit the Liberty City Gun Club at the Francis International Airport to start a new challenge.

    But you’ll have to wait until the mission One Shot, one kill to have all courses available to be played.

    Thanks to a time bonus, the faster you get through a course, the more points you get.

    The main objective during the course is to destroy the red and yellow targets to increase your score.

    At the same time, you want to avoid destroying blue targets to avoid losing a good chunk of points at the end of the course.

    Achieving a minimum of 5000 points will reward the player with $100 and a bronze medal.

    By obtaining at least 8000 points, the player will receive $150 and the silver medal.

    Reaching 10,000 points will unlock the gold medal and $500 as a reward.

    A Permanent 25% discount on all weapons will be unlocked if all courses are completed achieving the gold medal.

    Course #1

    The first course is Pistol. 

    Course #2

    The second one is SMG.

    Course #3

    The third course is Shotgun.

    Course #4

    And the next one is Grenades. 

    Course #5

    The fifth course is Sniper Rifle. 

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