ALL Relic’s Guide & Showcase – One Punch Man Destiny/A Hero’s Destiny

This guide will provide you with the complete details of all the relics in the One Punch Man Destiny game. 

The first relic is the Crab Claw; it gives a 1.5% damage increase. Like the name of the relic, you get it from defeating the boss crablante (low chance for it to drop). It is a little rare to get, but you may get mine within the first 15 kills of crablante.

The next relic is the Party Hat. It gives party effect’s when punching. But it was a limited relic and you can no longer get it. 

Now the next relic that you can get is the Sonic’s Scarf.

This relic gives a +15% dodge chance. It is a pretty good relic if you can beat sonic. And you get it by beating Sonic in the abandoned city. 

The next relic is the Sea Crown. You will get this crown from defeating the sea king at the beach area. It gives a +20% stamina regen, probably the worst relic ngl.

The next relic is called Saitama’s Wig. It is the most forgotten and second most useless relic, only 5 percent less damage. You get this from vaccine man. 

Anyways the next relic is the Kabout’s Pauldron. 

It gives +15% less damage taken and is pretty good with a deeper or metal bat. Like all other relic’s and names, this one you get from none other than kebuto.

The next relic is called Stinger Relic; it is the second-best relic. You can get it from a mosquito girl. The relic gives 5% life steal, which is very OP. If you deal 100 damage, you heal 5 hp!

The next relic is the Discount Coupon. The discount coupon also stands at the top and is the best relic in the game. You get it from the phoenix boss. It’s in the volcano. It gives a nice 6 % damage which is a lot. 

The next is the Alien Eye, it is the best relic in the game. The relic says 40 percent critical chancer and a critical hot deals 50 percent more damage. So overall, it gives you like an extra 20 percent more damage. You can get it after killing Boros.

The next relic is the Goukestsu’s Belt. The gouketsu belt gives a 25% dodge chance. If you pair this with phoenix awakening, you will get a 100 percent dodge chance. You can get by defeating gouketsu. But this relic is not recommended. 

The last relic is the Booster crown. You can get this relic by boosting the OPMD discord server. All it gives is +100% support, which does nothing, and it’s only for cosmetics. 

Only three people have this relic. You can get it by doing the talent show on the discord server.

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