All The Mods 5: How To Download & Install In Minecraft

All the Mods 5 Modpack is a mixture of different mods in the Minecraft game. This modpack uses less memory comparatively and allows your game to run smoother.

Follow the following steps to install All The Mods 5 in Minecraft 1.14.1:

This guide will let you know how to download and install ALL THE MODS 5 MODPACK 1.15.1 in minecraft.

  • Download the twitch app according to your operating system from the website below.

  • Open the downloaded file and click on Install


  • Log in or sign up if you aren’t on twitch.

  • Click on the profile icon on the right upper corner and then click on Settings.


  • Click on Minecraft and set 4096 as allocated space.
  • Click on Mods and then tap on Install.
  • After that, click on browse modpacks, select the mods and hit the Install button.
  • As the mod gets installed, hit the play button.
  • It will start updating the minecraft launcher.

  • After downloading, sign in with your email account.
  • Select all the mods and hit the PLAY button.
  • After that, go to options.
  • Click on the video settings.
  • Change the settings as shown in the image below. Then press Done.
  • After that, you need to click on Controls…
  • After that, turn off the auto jump and press Done (twice).
  • As you get back to the main menu, click on Single player.
  • After that, tap on “Create new world” and then “More world options”.
  • Turn on Allow Cheats and Bonus Chest and change the World Type to biomes o’plenty. Press done.
  • After that, click on “Create a new world”.
  • After getting into the creative mod, you will change the gameplay.
  • If you want to make your starting location, go to mini map.
  • After that click on add.
  • Type start and hit confirm.
  • So after navigating to the main gameplay,  look that a point has been marked as your starting point where you actually started the game.
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