All Treasure Chest Locations In Noob Army Tycoon! Roblox

This guide will tell you about the Treasure chest locations in Noob Army Tycoon.

  • Blue Chest:

You will need a boat to get most of the treasures. The first one is Blue Chest, take a boat and start sailing the sea.

The blue chest is normally under the water. When the water goes back down, then you can get it. You will find a blue chest near the island next to the orange team.

  • Black Treasure:

The next one is the most wanted treasure that is Black Treasure. Stop your boat near the pillar and go down into the water to find the black treasure.

  • Green Treasure:

Now you will need to find the green treasure. Move straight from this pillar, and you will find a tall island just next to the volcano island.

Leave your boat, move up on this island, and hold the button to dig it up for 30 seconds; you will get the green treasure there.

  • Red treasure:

After that, you will need to go to the volcano island to obtain the Red treasure. You have to wait for the lava to go down, and then you can get the treasure.

  • Yellow treasure:

Next is the yellow treasure. There is an island next to the green team, and it is away from the other islands. Go there to collect the yellow treasure.

  • Cyan:

Take a boat and go to a small island with some huts on it. Enter into the second hut from the left, and you will get the cyan treasure.

  • Dark Green:

There is another small island with two trees and one big rock in the middle of it.

Go there and you will find the dark green treasure behind the tree.

  • Gray:

Make your way to the island with two huts on it. Enter the left one to get the gray treasure.

  • Orange:

There is an island with a huge rock-like structure on it. Go there and collect the orange treasure.

  • Pink:

Enter the cave on an island and explore it to find the pink treasure.

  • Purple:

There is an oil rig in the sea. Go there and enter the room. You will find the purple treasure; collect it.

  • White:

For the white treasure, you will need to go to the top of the oil rig tower and collect the white treasure.

  • Turquoise:

You will need to go to the following island with a speed coil to get the turquoise treasure.

Hop on the rock next to the island, and the treasure will grow in the empty hole. If you take your steps off, it will sink again. Just move rapidly and collect it.

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