All UFO Locations in GTA 5

This guide will discuss the Alien invasion update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this Halloween. As it is the next official update that is going to be celebrated in GTA Online, Rockstar has loaded up this DLC with a ton of Halloween content. Even though you won’t get any brand-new Halloween-themed vehicles, you will have a lot to enjoy and one of those things is going to be an Alien ufo invasion.

Essentially what you’re looking at in the image is the alien invasion and some conversations that you have with a character called omega. You can send a text to him, back and forth and you take photographs and send them to him. You’re gonna end up getting cash and RP. You also can be abducted as well.

This is the map and some more details on this alien invasion.

Now the entire thing is going to begin on October 15th, 16 days before Halloween.

  1. The number one location ufo is going to spawn on the Peninsula of Pallito bay on 15 October.
  2. Number two location ufo will spawn on the following day October 16th on the most northern part of the map.
  3. On October 17th, the number three location ufo will spawn on the top of mount chiliad.
  4. October 18th number four location, ufo that’s going to spawn at the lighthouse.
  5. October 19th that’s the number five location. UFOs will spawn in the forest area near the gondola of mount chiliad.
  6. The number six is on October 20th, it will spawn right outside of sandy shores.
  7. On October 21st, the seventh Ufo will spawn right where the giant satellite dishes are in the desert
  8. On October 22nd, the eighth ufo will spawn right over fort zancudo that’s kind of spooky.
  9. On October 23rd, you get to spawn at eight and nine locations.
  10. October 24th is location number 10, where the ufo will spawn which is right behind the prison.
  11. October 25th is the number 11 location. Where ufo will spawn which is going to be just to the south of the number 9 location.
  12. On October 26th you get ufo spawning at location number 12 which is going to be at the power station and then here’s where things get interesting
  13. On October 27th you get spawnings on locations one, two, and three again
  14. On October 28th you get spawnings on locations five eight and eleven
  15. On October 29th you get spawning on locations six ten and 12.

And then on October 30th, you get spawnings on locations 13 through 17 which are all roughly located in the city regions.

And then on October 31st, you get the majority of them that end up spawning in locations 13 through 26.

So you can see that most of them are going to spawn inside the city limits.

Now let’s go over some more details about the abduction process. How does that work? The only ufos that can abduct you are numbers 13 to 26. It means the only time you’ll be getting abducted by the ufos is going to be on Halloween eve on Halloween day. When numbers 13 to 26 are available, the other ufos will not be able to abduct you.

It is interesting that every single time you’re abducted by an alien whether that be in single-player or in multiplayer, you’re just left wearing your boxers. If you remember Michael de Santa and the yoga mission, he was in his boxers and the abduction that happens after you do 600 restocks at your bunker that leaves you in your boxers, and now this.

On October 23rd, the ufo near fort zancudo is going to be the stealth ufo instead of the normal one. Now it does end up counting as an extra photo for omega but it isn’t required for one of the rewards at the end now some ufos are only going to appear once so make sure to log in every day to get the pictures of each and there’s no indication of what ufo you have taken a picture or not so it might be best to keep track with a notepad or something. There are two articles of clothing that you unlock for doing this entire thing: it’s the glow belief cap and then it’s the green ufo boxer shorts so those are the two rewards that you end up with for photographing all of these 26 ufos.

There’s going to be another Halloween game mode that looks like it’s going to be added and that Halloween game mode is called hunted and riders it’s going to be an adversary mode.

Some lines of code have been found in that game mode, say:

Take out all of the hunts before dawn if a rider is taken out, eliminated hunters will be resurrected.

You can regenerate your health by damaging a haunted house while on or near your motorcycle. etc

So needless to say it looks like we have some cool new content coming soon to grand theft auto online for the Halloween 2022 season.

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