All Weapons – Doom Eternal

In this guide, you will find the details of all the weapons being used in Doom Eternal. It will provide you with different stats like ammo capacity, range, and many more.

Weapon NameDescription
ARC MechThe ARC mechs are combat walkers that will battle the forces of Hell on Earth. 
BallistaBallista is a weapon that runs on Energy cells. Ballista fires a single high-powered shot with pinpoint accuracy, and it also deals bonus damage to flying enemies.
BFG9000/Doom EternalThe BFG9000 is a powerful energy weapon that fires a powerful blast of energy. It is very accurate and has a very long range. It can only hold 2 shots of ammo at a time.
Blood PunchBlood Punch is a melee attack in Doom Eternal that acts as a highly powered-up melee punch. You can find the Blood Punch pickups later in the standard campaign.
Chaingun/Doom EternalThe Chaingun is a weapon in Doom Eternal. It fires bullets that deal 80 damage each. The Chaingun can also fire headshots that deal 96 damage. It has a rate of fire of 750 bullets per minute. It can hold up to 60 to 180 bullets.
Chainsaw/Doom EternalA chainsaw is a returning weapon that can tear open enemies to spill ammo. It holds only three gallons, and it will automatically refill one gallon after full depletion.
Combat Shotgun/Doom EternalCombat Shotgun launches three timed sticky grenades for the first mod. It is a very quick and reliable weapon in the game. You can use Combat Shotgun at medium and long-range.
Doomblade  Doomblade is integrated into the suit’s left wrist. It will help to increase the striking power in the short range.
Equipment LauncherEquipment Launcher is a small cannon mounted on the Doom Slayer’s Praetor Suit’s shoulder. It can fire three types of ordnance.
Heavy CannonHeavy Cannon is a heavy assault rifle-like weapon in Doom Eternal. There are launchers on both sides of the barrel.
Meat HookThe Meat Hook is a weapon attachment that plays an important role against the Khan Mayor on Urdak. It is a part of the new Super Shotgun.
Pistol/Doom Eternal  You have to access the pistol by downloading cheating software and then inputting the console commands. It has a three-round burst firing mode.
Plasma gun/Doom EternalThe Plasma Gun is an energy weapon that fires automatically and does a lot of damage. It is located in Exultia and uses Argent-type plasma rounds. 
Rocket launcher/Doom EternalRocket Launcher deals a heavy amount of damage to the enemies or any particular spot. Rocket Launcher comes with different skins.
Sentinel HammerSentinel Hammer is a large, energy-based Warhammer. It will cause a shockwave around the point of impact to stun the enemies. Sentinel Hammer is also known as the Hellbreaker.
Super shotgun/Doom EternalSuper Shotgun is one of the primary weapons in Doom Eternal, and it comes with multiple skins. You can drag yourself toward the enemies for a devastating grappling hook
Unmaykr/Doom EternalThe Unmaykr is a superweapon that can be found in the Fortress of Doom. It fires automatically and has a rate of fire of 700 RPM. It uses Argent Plasma rounds, which are projectiles. It starts with 60 rounds. 
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