Amazing Android Games To Tryout in 2021

With each year passing, mobile games are getting better in quality but still there are a lot of low quality games out there, so sometimes it can get difficult to find cool games from huge pool of games, that is why we have curated this list of android games, these games will help in killing your idle time.

Game Name Platform Price Link
The Castle of Multiplications PlayStore Free
Puck – Game PlayStore Free
KODs Quiz for Kids (Birds & Animals) PlayStore Free
CubeTwister3D PlayStore Free
Christmas Angry Elf Dash PlayStore Free
Last Pilot PlayStore Free
MasTerQuiZ : Play Quiz And Earn Money PlayStore Free
Meowby Rescue PlayStore Free
3DTale – Red PlayStore Free
Simply Chess Board PlayStore Free
Delta Zero PlayStore Free
Guess Who ? The board game PlayStore Free
Inner-Tube Climber PlayStore Free
Pocket Targets – Target Shooting PlayStore Free
Turf City PlayStore Free
タマイア/TAMAIRE PlayStore Free
Coin Pet PlayStore Free
Shoot PlayStore Free
ことわざクイズ PlayStore Free
Block Puzzle Game PlayStore Free
Kelime Avı PlayStore Free
Triangle Block Puzzle – Free Tangram Games

PlayStore Free
Minr – Real Gold Prices – Idle Incremental Game

PlayStore Free
Flip Mania PlayStore Free
Cibilik Sandık Avı

PlayStore Free
Wild Solitaire! PlayStore Free
Infinity Line PlayStore Free
バクダンゲーム 揺らすとバクハツするバクダン ~みんなで遊べるパーティーゲーム~ PlayStore Free
Magic world – Roll and crush! PlayStore Free
Tik Tak Totem

PlayStore Free
Feed Them Right For Kids

PlayStore Free

The Castle OF Multiplications

Learn by playing the multiplication tables from 1 to 10. Earn coins by correcting multiplications and buy characters with them. Complete the Castle of Multiplications road. It is an easy platform game. There are 10 screens, each one with a different multiplication of the table you choose. Many characters to choose from and 3 levels of difficulty of the journey. You can choose an easy road without hazards to demonstrate your knowledge or you can choose a difficult road to demonstrate your skill and knowledge.

Puck – Game

Just a simple little game where you use multi-touch to move various Pucks into various holes, while navigating around walls. And avoiding bombs.

KODs Quiz for Kids (Birds & Animals)

A fun quiz game for small and big alike. Identify the images of birds and animals. Straight forward, right?? Be mindful of the timer though 🙂

Christmas Angry Elf Dash

Christmas Angry Elif Dash is Endless Runner Game with amazing Music and HD Graphics

Last Pilot

Last Pilot is a war game set in space. We play the last defense against invasion from space. This is not an ordinary game that flows in a certain direction. A war in which the enemy can come from all sides in a field. Our character has unlimited laser and four superior powers.

MasTerQuiZ : Play Quiz And Earn Money

Earn Unlimited by playing quiz Unlimited earnings by answering simple questions Download the best apps for earning Unlimited by playing this first quiz now on Google Play Store without delay.

Meowby Rescue

Meowby’s space ship is broken. Help him to find enough parts to fix his ship


Collapse blocks, explode TNT and avoid goo on a floating, twistable cube. CubeTwister3D will keep you entertained for hours as you attempt to solve increasingly difficult challenges! This is a fun and addictive 3D game that the entire family can enjoy!

3DTale – Red

3D Battle Against Red. The Game contains ads so don’t go saying I didn’t told ya.

Simply Chess Board

Simply a useful chess board for your personal chess games and analysis. It can be used offline and is free. Chess pieces can be moved freely without rules. you can freely set the position you want.

Delta Zero

 You need to get the same number as what you see in the corner based on the sum of the 3 squares connected by a triangle.

Guess Who ? The board game

This is a questions and answers game to can guess Who’s my character no need to physical real board game you can play all the game from mobile now no dice needed or a game board very fun to play with friends and family PLAY online or with your friend 3d Graphics and beautiful special effects. You must guess your opponent’s character before he guesses yours.

Inner-Tube Climber

An endless climber with fun wall bouncing and polished platforming controls! Oh no! The player is stuck inside their inner-tube from a tragic accident, which also left them trapped in the bottom of an endless crevasse!

Pocket Targets – Target Shooting

Test your accuracy, agility and reflexes and prove you are the best sharpshooter in the west! Unlock new guns! Compete with friends!

Turf City

Play a match against family, friends, colleagues or random people in this free hyper casual turf wars multiplayer game. Unlock different skins to play with and buy power ups to give you a bigger chance of winning.


“New sense physics simulation puzzle! !! The rules are simple, just put the ball in the goal! Arrange the gimmicks prepared for each stage freely and guide the ball to the goal. All 46 stages are crunchy. Can you clear it! ?? 』\

Coin Pet

Slot machine-a holy land for gamblers and lucky dogs, huge resources are here for you to access. Rotating slot machine, a chance to get coins、energy、attack、sneak attack、shield and rare gift bags;With these resources, you can build your manor faster and expand your territory.


A 90s ‘On-The-Rails’ Arcade game set in a neon world. Currently on episode 1, more episodes will be added soon!


Do you understand the “proverb” properly? This is a four-choice quiz app that answers “proverbs” and their meanings.

Block Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle Game –  a modern refresh of the iconic Nintendo GameBoy falling blocks classic game. Simple, but fun and addictive!

Kelime Avı

f you like word finder, word hunt, word puzzle games, you will be addicted to Word Hunt.

Triangle Block Puzzle – Free Tangram Games

If you’re looking for a game that lets you switch colored balls that’s simple and easy but fun, you deserve to download this one. The game can be played by children, young people, adults, and anyone who likes to play changing colors 3D game.

Minr – Real Gold Prices – Idle Incremental Game

You control your your gold mine empire. Start mining, then upgrade to boost your production. With real-world gold prices, this adds an exciting extra dimension to your strategic choices.

Flip Mania

Are you looking for an all new survival adventure platformer experience? Get your hands on this hyper casual side scroller game and find out how far you can go! Featuring a series of cool neon themed platforms and balls. Use your ball balancing skills to jump from platform to platform in this endless pinball platformer game.

Cibilik Sandık Avı

Cibilik Chest Hunt is here with its new parts and newly added features of the chest blasting game. With the newly added Leaderboard, you can see your rank among other users.

Wild Solitaire!

Get the fun, pure original classic now. Complete your card collection book with rewards from successfully completed rounds. No game hindering ads (optional only)

Infinity Line

Infinity Line is a simplistic 2D game where the player controls the pivot along the infinite line whilst avoiding the endless wave of obstacles.

バクダンゲーム 揺らすとバクハツするバクダン ~みんなで遊べるパーティーゲーム~

This game is a bomb game that you play while actually handing over your smartphone.
If you shake your smartphone too much, the bomb will be fluttering. You can also set the sensitivity and time limit to play. If you have any opinions or requests, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

Magic world – Roll and crush!

The Magic world of adventures, puzzles, brave heroes, new impressions, and sharp emotions awaits you. Not everyone will manage to stand all the tests!

Tik Tak Totem

Test your reaction skills in this Match-3 action puzzle! Locate and dissolve combinations of equal segments on rotating totem poles before they disappear. Use special items, push the combo meter to dizzy heights and collect bonuses to unlock a special game mode!

Feed Them Right For Kids

Beware, they are not easy to feed! These monsters really pay attention to what they’re eating, you have to respect their indications to give them a healthy meal!

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