Amazing IOS Games To Tryout

Each month some amazing games are released on Apple App Store and the quality of games is improving with everyday passing, but still there are a lot of low quality games on the App store, due to this some quality games get lost and they don’t get the attention that they deserve, that is why we have curated this list of high quality games.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Pitchlife Footbal‪l‬iOSFree
Breadhead Gam‪eiOSFree
Pyramid Solitaire for iPad‪.iOSFree
JetPack Shib‪a‬iOS$1.99
MUNCH Arcad‪eiOS$0.99
Chess puzzles‪!‬iOSFree
Dice Bag – 3D dic‪eiOS$1.99
Lupus Onlin‪e‬iOSFree
Farm Slide‪r‬iOS$0.99
Numerica – A game of number‪s‬iOSFree
Corleone Onlin‪eiOSFree
Missing Piece Press Game Time‪riOSFree
Solitaire: Win real prize‪s‬iOSFree
Traite Laitièr‪e‬iOSFree
Beat Up Tim‪eiOSFree


Find the combination that opens the Lock ! Locked is a Master Mind like game, in which you have to open different padlocks. Padlocks have 4, 5 to 10 numbers that make millions of possibilities ! Use the colored buttons to find out the combination.

Pitchlife Footbal‪l

Pitchlife is a free-to-play mobile game aimed at football supporters. It allows game-players to collect football players from throughout the history of the club, build teams, and go head-to-head against other game-players through short matches.

Breadhead Gam‪e‬

Based on the classic card game Palace, Breadhead pits you against three competing computer players whereby your objective is to discard all of your cards ahead of the other players. Using a little luck and strategy you can use certain cards to achieve your goal and defeat your opponents to avoid being the Breadhead.

Pyramid Solitaire for iPad‪.

“Really addictive and fun to play. Great game” “Just my speed…challenging yet relaxing.” “This game works great and is a lot of fun.” “First pyramid card game I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Love the feel and ease of use. Nice choice of card designs and backgrounds.”

JetPack Shib‪a

Shiba Inu needs your help! He’s lost is this strange world and needs to defeat the robot legion to find his way home. You’ll need to double jump, triple jump, jetpack and swim your way around to reach the level bosses and defeat them to unlock each level. Can you help Shiba defeat the evil robot legion?


Jinks! – A highly addictive game. Simple one touch game play with unlimited playing time. Fast paced game play, can you keep up? Develop strategies to stay in control! Predict movement to plan your next step!

MUNCH Arcad‪e‬

Drag the mouth to MUNCH the food until your heart’s content, foods flashing green have turned rotten, AVOID, or a heart will be spent! The more foods you MUNCH the higher your score will be. Food flashing green will cost you a heart, catch 3 and you’ll have to restart. Tap the “Play” button to start your feast. MUNCH as many foods as you can before your hearts deplete, the more you eat the faster the food flies, and a higher score you’ll feat.

Chess puzzles‪!

Do you love chess & puzzle challenges? Well, you’ll love Chess Puzzles! This fun variation of the chess game includes mind-teasing challenges categorised in levels that are sure to test your chess skills and problem-solving thinking. Can you pass all levels? Great for anyone! From beginner to seasoned chess player!

Dice Bag – 3D dic‪e

Want to add a little more style to your dice rolling, or maybe you’re just tired of dice ending up on the floor? Set up your dice collection, choosing dice types, materials and backgrounds to fit your taste or the game you’re playing. Then roll the dice in full 3d, move them around or tap to select and re-roll or remove individual dice. Easily roll combinations you’ve rolled before using the roll history list.

Lupus Onlin‪e

Lupus Online lets you play Werewolf (Mafia) with other players from your phone! Create games to play with your friends. Each game is completely managed by the app, which will be game Master: let it guide you during all game phases without the need to do anything. Chat will let you discuss with other player when needed unless you’re playing near them: use the app as the master even for a local game!

Farm Slide‪r

Farm Slider: Easy to play, challenging to finish and impossible to put down. Hours and hours of puzzling fun for all ages. Challenge your ability to think ahead in our new, minimalistic puzzle game. The game contains 48 levels with pictures of farm towns and roads, but: they’re out of place! Slide the tiles to match the example above to complete the level. Some may seem impossible at first, but we promise: they can ALL be done!

Numerica – A game of number‪s

Construct mathematical equalities by placing tiles with numbers and arithmetic operators (+, -, x, / and =) on a 15×15 board. Try to cover as many bonus cells (double value, triple value, double score, triple score) as possible. Play against friends, colleagues and family members, or challenge an opponent at random. Use a standard board, or generate a random one for a more unpredictable experience – your chances to get a really high score on a single move could increase tremendously!

Corleone Onlin‪e

Are you ready to embark on a dark, risky venture in a fresh new and ambitious 2D MMO game on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Explore the cities of Corleone Online and join hundreds of players in this thrilling battle to claim your reign over the cities!

Missing Piece Press Game Time‪r‬

Missing Piece Press is a publisher of award-winning books and games. These timers compliment the already FUN and exciting board and card games!

Solitaire: Win real prize‪s

Do you want to test your skill by playing Solitaire against players from around the world? Then this is your game! OneWinner’s Solitaire is a classic solitaire in which you can also compete and win real money prizes.


Each battlefield contains different mana that you must strategically collect to be able to cast the perfect combination of spells. Duels are a combination of turn based combat and resource management. Customize your appearance with a variety of character skins. Only the best Alchamancers will reign victorious!


Mira2・MiraMira is 「Lolita Fashion coloring and dressing up」App which creates the Japanese Kawaii culture world while having fun with you. The doll is me, my alter ego (Watashi)!! Color in your dolls dresses to increase your dolls cute wardrobe thereby having more dresses to choose. Welcome to Lolita fashion world and dreamy Kawaii World!

Traite Laitièr‪e‬

You can’t make milk without exploiting cows! The mountain air, the green blades of grass stretching out as far as the eye can see. Take the place of a dairy cow breeder and happily and cheerfully produce all the milk you can! But still under the constant economic pressure of not sufficiently profitable your operation based on the idea of ​​transforming the animal into a resource which we have as we see fit in order to extract profit from it.

Beat Up Tim‪e‬

A car racing game with a 2d retro style interface with a top-down view. Uses accelerometer to control the car.

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