Ambientsounds 3 Mod: How To Download & Install In Minecraft ?

The Ambientsounds 3 Mod adds new sounds to the Minecraft and also improves the overall sound of the game. The Ambientsounds 3 Mod add specific music to particular locations and areas.

Follow the following steps to install Ambientsounds 3 Mod in Minecraft 1.14.3:

  • The first thing you have to do is to download the Minecraft forge software from the link below.

  • After that, download the ambient sound java file from the following link.

  • Now launch Minecraft launcher and click on minecraft java edition. Select the latest release and hit the PLAY button.

  • The latest program will start downloading.

  • As it gets completed, the minecraft game 1.16.5 interface will be shown, and you have to click on “Quit game”.

  • After that, type appdata in the run dialog box and hit enter.

  • Follow this directory “appdata/roaming/minecraft/versions” to open the versions folder.

  • While keeping the version folder open, double click on the forge installer that was downloaded earlier, select install client and hit the Install button.

  • Click on OK. As the installation gets completed, a folder with the name of 1.14.3 forge will be downloaded.
  • After that, launch the minecraft launcher, go to the mods and check whether that the forge software is installed or not.

  • Then click on “Quit Game” to exit the game.

  • Open the appdata folder by run dialog box, follow this directory appdataroaming.minecraft/mods and paste the downloaded file in this folder.

  • After that, launch the minecraft launcher, navigate to the mods and look for ambient sound mods have been installed.
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