Amethyst Build Hacks in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with seven Amethyst Build Hacks in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents


    It will start with a pretty detail for your book house; it’s quite easy to make and not too expensive. Remember, you need silk touch to get the customers. Much more creative than placing another torch.

    Enchanting Geode

    For this one, there’s quite a bit of building involved. Love the sounds of the amethyst; this fame will make it easier to build the rest. You have to use the right amount of bookshelves for your level. 

    Treasure Barrels

    This one is cool for a lot of builds. Maybe you have a treasure room or maybe a bunch of thieves smuggling these bad boys. Either way, a cool detail.

    Gemstone Throne

    Now that you have treasure barrels. You might as well call yourself the amethyst king. A beautiful throne for a beautiful king.

    The Glorious Portal

    You probably have the standard 2×3 naked nether portal. Well, it’s time to step up your game. You’ll probably have the most swagged-out portal of them all.

    Horse Ladder

    Need an elevator for your horse? Want it to be quicker than ladders? Want it made out of something cooler than cake? Here you go; you should probably have made a way to get down.

    Magical Tree

    Are you tired of your trees looking boring? This amethyst idea is perfect for you. It’ll look even better among other amethyst there. Looks awesome at the mostly barren end.

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