Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Tier List 2023 (Best Villagers)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation game released in 2020. The players will get into a deserted island where they need to gather resources and craft items. You also have to perform different tasks to earn rewards and plant some new plants to get the food resources on the island. 

The leading villagers in the S tier are Marshall and Raymond, and they are the most valuable villagers in the game. The best villagers in tier A are Merengue, and Beau, and they perform almost as well as tier S. Kiki, and Wolfgang is the most prominent villagers in tier B. 

The leading villagers in tier C are Dotty, and Olivia. They are average villagers. The best villagers in tier D are Nan, and Hugh. E Anabelle, and Barol are the most prominent villagers in tier E. Some villagers in tier F are Hans, and Quillson, who are considered the worst villagers in the game. 

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Ankha, Molly, Fauna, Lolly, Maple, Audie, Dom, Erik, Marshal, Raymond, Zucker, Sherb, Judy, Marina, Stitches.

    A Tier

    Octavian, Bluebear, Marty, Tangy, Apple, Apollo, Lily, Melba, Fang, Filbert, Sprinkle, Punchy, Tia, Goldie, Merengue, Beau, Diana, Bob, Lucky, Coco, Ketchup, Roald, Merry, Cherry, Poppy, Étoile, Julian, Rosie, Cookie, Pietro.

    B Tier

    Drago, Dobie, Hornsby, Deirdre, Muffy, June, Peanut, Phoebe, Rudy, Blaire, Sylvana, Kyle, Static, Julia, Wendy, Kiki, Wolfgang, Pekoe, Whitney, Zell, Kabuki, Flora, Chai, Bam, Agnes, Skye, Aurora, Reneigh, Genji, Kid Cat, Bill, Pashmina, Chrissy, Gayle, Bones, Ruby, Daisy, Bianca, Flurry, Fuchsia, Chevre, Katt, Ozzie, Henry, Clay.

    C Tier

    Frita, Mira, Midge, Cheri, Broccolo, Lopez, Blanche, Lyman, Chadder, Canberra, Gala, Cranston, Olive, Cyd, Carmen, Tammy, Buck(Brows), Maelle, Chelsea, Felicity, Antonio, Agent S, Jeremiah, Willow, Dotty, Olivia, Kidd, Bunnie, Mitzi, Teddy, Hazel, Chief, Alice, Papi, Ellie, Celia, Francine, Eugene, Poncho, Roscoe, Purrl, Shep, Alfonso, Freya, Dizzy, Megan, Snake, Hopkins, Bea, Hamlet, Flo, Wade, Vivian, Bella, Joey, Biskit, Vesta, Lobo, Tutu, Boomer.

    D Tier

    Eunice, Sprocket, Moe, Amelia, Goose, Sterling, Egbert, Elvis, Cube, Gonzo, Piper, Admiral, Penelope, Annalisa, Walker, Winnie, Raddle, Axel, Tom, Rolf, Spike, Sylvia, Nate, Kody, Kitty, Shari, Butch, Tasha, Camofrog, Margie, Weber, OHare, Bubbles, Rilla, Benjamin, Derwin, Rodney, Gladys, Doc, Coach, Tank, Ribbot, Nan, Hugh, Freckles, Cole, Norma, Tiffany, Bree, Rod, Scoot, Savannah, Mint, Bangle, Nana, Deli, Pompom, Tipper, Grizzly, Biff, Murphy, Maddie, Rodeo, Diva, Frobert, Drake, Stella, Sydney, Pinky, Drift, Puddles, Bruce, Walt, Colton, Tabby.

    E Tier

    Stu, Maggie, Boone, Frank, Billy, Tad, Big Top, Stinky, Deena, Paolo, Graham, Ken, Cally, Victoria, Gaston, Lucha, Cleo, Del, Huck, Tucker, Peck, Pango, Annalise, Renee, Hippeux, Mathilda, Cousteau, Chester, Phil, Anchovy, Prince, Marcie, Pierce, Pudge, Ava, Vic, Avery, Sally, Crackle(Spork), Peewee, Anicotti, Cyrano, T-Bone, Mallary, Naomi, Monty, Tybalt, Claude, Benedict, Cesar, Patty, Eloise, Klaus, Kitt, Dora, Soleil, Anabelle, Barold, Caroline, Nibbles, Portia, Yuka, Flip, Boots, Puck, Keaton, Kevin, Olaf, Greta, Toby, Pecan, Pate, Bonbon, Pippy, Rex, Hopper, Hamphrey, Bertha, Friga, Mac, Angus, Jacques, Marcel, Leonardo, Leopold, Iggly, Monique, Plucky, Rory, Beardo.

    F Tier

    Ed, Louie, Gruff, Boyd, Rhonda, Curly, Candy, Gloria, Rizzo, Elise, Queenie, Peaches, Cashmere, Sly, Al, Tex, Curlos, Velma, Chops, Curt, Jambette, Gwen, Truffles, Clyde, Rasher, Charlise, Carrie, Snooty, Paula, Baabara, Sandy, Jitters, Harry, Miranda, Bitty, Violet, Wart Jr., Groucho, Limberg, Sheldon.

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