Animal Restaurant Codes 2021

Animal Restaurant is a management simulation game being released worldwide in 2016. You will play as the owner of an animal restaurant. Customize your restaurant with different styles of furniture and hire staff to work in there. You can chat with your customers, take their order and give them some delicious food to eat.The Animal Restaurant game is available for free on mobile phones.  

Active Codes

AR999Cod +50000

Expired Codes

CodesCode Validity
love2021Guitar & Increases rating star+12 (NEW!)
Time: 2021.2.14-3.14 (UTC)
20200918UTC 2020-09-19 – 2020-09-30
2021oxyearUntil 2021-2-21
Until 2020-12-31
7p77T3AHT1UTC 2020-03-13 – 2020-03-20
bccuRSbpqmUTC 2020-09-17 – 2020-09-24
eMoYchJEd3UTC 2020-04-10 – 2020-04-16
happy61UTC 2020-06-01 – 2020-06-10
happybirthdayUTC 2020-09-18 – 2020-09-30
mooncakeUTC 2020-10-01 – 2020-10-08
MTLcnxQUnMUTC 2020-02-23 – 2020-02-28
TG2020UTC 2020-11-26 – 2020-11-30
xF3XbHWDOJUntil 2020-11-23

How To Redeem the Galaxy Animal Restaurant Codes ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Animal Restaurant:

  1. Enter into the game and click on the Settings button located at the top of your screen. 
  2. Then you need to tap on the lower left cat.
  3. A new window will open with the caption “Redemption Code”.
  4. Input your code in the text box and click the “OK” button to receive output. 
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