Anime Characters That Could Beat Ichigo

In this post, we are going to take a look at some anime characters that have the ability to beat Ichigo!


Altair is a female military uniform princess who is acting as a villain. She has the creator Setsuna Shimazaki as her relative. Her first appearance was in the first episode of the anime series, and she was voiced by Aki Toyosaki in Japanese and Michelle Ruff in English.

Satoru Gojou

Satoru Gojou is a 28-year-old male human who is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world. He was born on December 7, 1989, and has light blue eyes and white hair. Satoru Gojou is a jutsu sorcerer teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. He is the son of Michizane Sugawara, an ancestor, and Yuta Okkotsu, a distant relative. He is a first-year high school student who has a special ability to see ghosts. Suguru Geto, his former partner, was killed by one of these ghosts.

Yasuri Shichika 

Yasuri Shichika is a young man who’s just 24 years old. He’s an expert at martial arts, which he practices for hours every day. He’s incredibly talented, and his skills are renowned. Yasuri Shichika is a simple-minded individual.

Anos Voldigoad

“Anos Voldigoad” is a demon king who rules over tyranny. He has pre-incarnated relatives and is currently alive. He has black hair and red eyes. He is currently aged 2000 or more. He usually wears a white uniform while performing in the show. He made his manga debut in chapter 1 and anime debut in episode 1.

Charlotte Linlin 

Charlotte Linlin plays the role of a queen, captain, and pirate in the anime. She was born on February 15, 1968. She enjoys wearing a bicorne. She has supernatural abilities to eat devil fruit. She has no superpowers other than the devil fruit abilities.


Anime Alucard is a 45-year-old male who is a true vampire. He has a height of 6’6″, and he works for the Hellsing Organization. Alucard aliases include Ultimate Vampire and Lord of Nightmares. His abilities include superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes; regeneration; telekinesis; and possession of other beings’ bodies (including vampires). Alucard is a vampire character from the manga and anime series Hellsing. He first appeared in the manga volume 1 and made his debut in the OVA Hellsing Ultimate. 

Uchiha Madara

Madara Uchiha is a man who was born on December 24. His zodiac sign is capricorn. He uses ninjutsu to defeat his enemies. Madara Uchiha wears gloves and has purple and red eyes, and black hair. He was known for his extreme vision, speed, and brainwashing abilities. 

Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama is a third-year student at Salt Middle School. He is a human who has esper powers. He is 14 years old and his parents are Mr. Kageyama and Mrs. Kageyama. His younger brother is named Ritsu Kageyama and his birth date is May 12. Mob is a freshman in Salt Middle School, and he’s in the Body Improvement Club. Mob stands at 157.7cm and weighs 44.2kg.


Bishamon is a 1000+ year old god anime girl. She is the goddess of fortune and war. She is 174cm tall and her hair color is blonde in anime. The English voice actress of Bishamon is Elizabeth Maxwell.

Ryou Asuke

Ryo Asuke is the main antagonist in Devilman Crybaby. He possesses the powers like Winged Flight, Force Fields, Levitation and Flora Nourishment. He has blue eyes, pale complexion and he often wears white clothes including a large overcoat. The English voice actor of Ryo Asuke is Kyle McCarley. 

Okumura Rin

Rin Okumura was born on December 27, 1995. He’s 15 or 16 and has a height of 173 cm and a weight of 63 kg. His blood type is A, his western zodiac sign is Capricorn. His abilities are cooking and he wears a hooded jacket, and school uniform. He has pointy ears, blue eyes, and black hair. He wears a hair clip and a necktie on her school uniform. He is physically strong and has the ability to shapeshift.

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