Anime Fighting Simulator Durability Training Locations

If you are looking for Durability Training Locations in Anime Fighting Simulator, you have come to the right place. This guide will provide you with all the Durability Training Locations in the game.

Dimension 1

All durability training locations.

Pirate Ship

It requires 100 Durability, X5 Multiplier.

Desert Island

It requires 10K (10,000) Durability, X5 Multiplier.

Aoikihit Island

It required 10K (10,000) durability, X5 Multiplier.

Ursus Shock Required Durability: 1M (1,0000000).

It requires 10M (1,000,000) durability, X100 Multiplier. You can use this new starting point for your next training location.

Mount Akainy

It 10M (10.000,000) requires durability, X500 Multiplier.


It requires 100M (100,000,000) durability. X10000 Multiplier.

Let’s go back to this starting point and this time you need to fly.

King Kai’s Planet

It requires 1B (1,000,000,000) durability. X5000 Multiplier. For the last training location in dimension 1, you have to fly again.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

It requires 100B (100,000,000,000) durability. X10,0000 Multiplier. Training in durability is also the best time to train your sword.

Dimension 2 portal

Training Area for IT – 100QD

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