Anime Girls With Red Hair

This guide will provide you with all the details of Anime Girls with Red hairs. You will find out their skills, abilities, personality, and appearance by going through this guide. 

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    Enju Aihara

    Enju Aihara is an anime girl ages 10; she has got red eyes and crimson hair. She mostly wears a small orange hooded sweater with red and orange squares. Enju is a student and initiator by occupation; she is known for her agility, physique, and recovery abilities. Enju Aihara also has excellent jumping abilities that allow jumping some feet high up in the air. Rentaro Satomi is the partner of Enju. She is very loyal to her friends, and she protects them with her special abilities. 

    Yukino Miyazawa

    Yukino Miyazawa is an anime girl, and she has got red eyes and short hair which makes her more beautiful. Yukino appears to be a model student by her looks and smartness. The goal of Yukino in high school was to become a lawyer or politician. She didn’t take the help of others and did her work alone. She is the elder sister among her siblings.  

    Tiese Shtolienen

    Tiese Shtolienen is an anime girl, and her age is 16. She is a supporting character and hardworking. She always stays committed to whatever her job is. She has got red eyes with long red hair. Tiese is a student of 6th class Noble; she is known for her hardworking and diligent abilities. She is a Swordsman Trainee and Valet by occupation. Tiese has affiliated with Sword Mastery Academy and Human Guardian Army.

    Rindo Kobayashi

    Rindo Kobayashi is an anime girl, and her age is 17. She has yellow eyes and scarlet hair that reaches down to her shoulder. Rindo is a high school student by occupation. She mostly wears a Tōtsuki uniform with a beige sweater under her uniform coat.

    Rindo Kobayashi loves cooking, and she traveled around the globe to find out the most unusual ingredients for her cooking. Rindo is a joyful girl who enjoys every moment. She has a tall height which makes her personality impressive. 


    Miia is an anime girl, and her age is 10. She has amber eyes and bright red hair. She has a long red snake tail that is the most prominent trait of her body, and she also has a seductive figure. Miia has a very lustful personality; she has the upper body of a human and a lower body of a snake. Miia is a student and shrine maiden by occupation.  She has romantic feelings towards Kimihito, and she is protective of him. But she becomes arrogant and aggressive sometimes. Miia has got some martial arts skills; she takes a martial arts stance when a fight starts. 

    Ranma Saotome

    Ranma Saotome is a double personality anime with the ages of 16. The meaning of her name is “reckless horse”. She has black hair as a boy and red hair as a girl. The most prominent feature of her body is the trademark pigtail. Ranma is a high school student and martial artist by occupation. She is known for her incredible speed and strength. Ranma is the master of many martial art styles; her father takes her on a training trip to improve her martial arts skills. She becomes athletic as a result of this training, and her body also gets stronger. 

    Masami Iwasawa

    Masami Iwasawa is an anime girl with red eyes and short pink hair that extends to her shoulder. The name Masami means “graceful”, “elegant, or “beautiful”. Masami mostly wears the uniform of the SSS and flat calf-high black boots. She is the founder and original leader of the band Girls Dead Monster. She was a student of Afterlife high school, lead vocalist and guitarist of GDM  by occupation. Masami has a calm nature, and she didn’t have many friends during her school. But her beautiful thoughts come out of her music whenever she plays the guitar.  

    Kotori Itsuka

    Kotori Itsuka is an anime girl, and her age is 13 at the start. She has red eyes and very long red hair. Kotori is a student and Fraxinus’s Commander by occupation; she works as a commander of the Fraxinus Airship. Kotori mostly wears the white school uniform with a black tie and long black stockings. And she wears black ribbons while playing the role of commander. She has three different personalities. Kotori has feelings for Shido; she considers Shido as her elder brother. 


    Kobayashi is an anime girl, and her age is 25. She has hazel eyes and red hair; she is a kind-hearted young woman. Kobayashi has a flat chest that frustrates her so much that she complains about the curvy figures of female dragons in their human form. When she is out of the office, Kobayashi wears a light blue button-up shirt, yellow tee, light-brown cardigan with a white shirt and a hoodie. During her office, she puts on a white button-up shirt, dark slacks and a tie. Kobayashi works as a computer programmer in Jigokumeguri System Engineering Inc. 

    Stella Vermillion

    Stella Vermillion is an anime girl, and her age is 15. She is a pretty young woman with crimson eyes and long crimson hair; she has a seductive figure and an aggressive personality. Stella mostly wears the female school uniform for Hagun Academy. She has immense magic power, strength, durability, and speed. She can increase her mana capacity, and techniques as a Desperado. Stella has got immense magical powers as compared to some other anime girls. 

    Akari Akaza

    Akari Akaza is an anime girl, and her age is 13. Akaza is the surname of Akari that means “red”. She is a young girl who has purple eyes and short red hair. She is very friendly by nature, and she easily makes friends with her personality. She wants attention from others. Akari Akaza usually wears light-coloured dresses, but she has often seen in the uniform during school.

    Chise Hatori

    Chise Hatori is an anime girl, and her age is 16; she has green eyes and red hair. Chise has fair skin; she mostly wears a red sweater vest with a white buttoned shirt, a large green hooded coat, a knee-length dirty dark-green skirt and brown boots. She wears a  ring on her hand that helps to absorb the magic. Chise also tends to become attached to other people, especially kind people quickly. She has incredible strength and a strong sense of smell. Chise is very intelligent and fond of studies. The Dragon’s Curse gives her the ability to lift people.

    Risa Koizumi

    Risa Koizumi is an anime girl, and her age is 15. She is tall and has shoulder-length hair. Risa mostly wears the school uniform, but she has an amazing fashion sense and often wears fashionable clothes. Risa Koizumi often helps her friends with styling and clothing. She has a strong and confident personality. She has a relationship with her boyfriend Atsushi Otani.  


    Shirayuki is an anime girl, and her age is 18 at the start; she has emerald green eyes and apple-red hair. Shirayuki is a court pharmacist and court herbalist by occupation; she has a vast knowledge of medicine and pharmaceuticals. She has a strong, bright and vigilant personality. Shirayuki always shares a helping hand when somebody needs her. Shirayuki has a relationship with her boyfriend, Zen Vistaria.

    Minori Kushieda

    Minori Kushieda is an anime girl, and her age is 16; she has pink-coloured amaranth eyes and hair. She is a student and part-time worker by occupation. Minori mostly wears the school uniform; she was the captain of the girl’s softball club. During her part-time work, she puts on jeans with flashy blouses. Minori Kushieda is an athletic girl, and she has a joyful personality.

    Satanichia Kurumizawa Mcdowell

    Satanichia Kurumizawa Mcdowell is an anime girl; her nickname is Satania. She has a prideful personality, and she cares about her friends. She forgives others even if someone bullies her. Satanichia Kurumizawa is usually seen wearing her school uniform. However, her pride has seriously impacted the human world, and she began to feel lonely. Gabis the greatest rival of Satania in demonic deeds.


    Do-Gooder is an anime girl, and her age is 13. She has bright red hair, she is skinny, and has brown skin. Do-Gooder mostly wears a loose sleeveless white T-shirt and tight bicycle shorts. Do-Gooder is a hacker by occupation; she is an expert in hacking. She has an incredible skill of high intelligence; she has got unusual traits compared to other teenage characters. Do-Gooder enjoys playing with Ein. 


    Morgiana is an anime girl, and her age is 14 at the start; currently, her age is 19; she has red eyes and hair. Morgiana is a household member, caravan worker, and slave by occupation. She is mostly seen wearing a short white dress with a rope tied around her waist. Morgiana has a quiet personality; she doesn’t talk much and stays quiet most of the time.  Alibaba Saluja is the husband of Morgiana.

    Itsuki Nakano

    Itsuki Nakano is an anime girl, and her age is 17 at the start. She is one of the main characters of the 5-toubun no Hanayome series. Itsuki is a teenager having blue eye color and reddish-orange hair colour. Itsuki is a student by occupation. She mostly wears a uniform without any accessories and carries a handbag. Itsuki is a very well-mannered and diligent girl; she has good deduction and observation skills and a great sense of detail. Itsuki is a cute and innocent girl. 

    Kallen Kozuki

    Kallen Kozuki is an anime girl, and her age is 17 at first. She has big blue eyes and short red hair, which makes her even more beautiful. Kallen is a strong and brave young woman. Kallen usually wears a standard Black Knights uniform and wears a school uniform when during her school. She has an incredible skill of high intelligence and battle powers.


    Yona is an anime girl, and her age is 16. She has violet eye color and crimson red hair color. Yona is the Crown princess of Kouka Kingdom, and she resembles her mother because of her facial features. She is a very pretty and innocent girl, wears a white gown and a red vest with dark burgundy borderlines. Yona taught herself self-defense to protect herself and her companions; she learned the archery and sword skills to use them in the fights against her opponents. 

    Kyoko Sakura

    Kyoko Sakura is an anime girl, and her age is 14-15; she has red eye color and Raspberry hair color. Kyoko casually wears a black crop-top under a dark teal hoodie and dark blue denim shorts. While her dress changes in the magical form. Kyoko may be a bit stubborn, but she has a passionate and pretentious personality; she is kind-hearted and helps her close ones whenever they are in trouble. She is Ophelia as a witch form.

    Yoko Littner

    Yoko Littner is an anime girl with long red hair; she is fourteen years old. The long red hair is the most prominent feature of her personality and makes her look even more beautiful. She has an attractive and curvy figure. Yoko is a kindergarten teacher and snipper by occupation. She is mature and has intense knowledge of survival and common sense. Yoko is composed and an excellent rifleman. 

    Maki Nishikino

    Maki Nishikino is an anime girl and one of the nine main characters in Love Live. She is a stubborn and sometimes childish girl. Maki’s favorite hobbies are photography and stargazing; she also has stunning piano skills. She has a very wealthy family and is the only child in the family. 


    Shana is an anime girl, and her age is 12. She has long hair, which is as long as her body. Her long hair makes her different from the other girls. She is a student by occupation. Shana has a cold-hearted and uncaring personality. Shana is a powerful Flame Haze and wears an all-black attire; she always stays focused and committed to her duties as a Flame Haze.


    Kagura is an anime girl, and her age is 14 at the start. She has big ocean blue eyes, vermillion hair color, and fair skin, and she has an obsession with her body. Kagura is a yorozuya by occupation. She is mostly seen wearing a red cheongsam with yellow piping. Kagura loves to eat and has got a real muscular body. She has amazing physical strength and fighting abilities.

    Rias Gremory

    Rias Gremory is an anime girl, and her age is 18 at the start. She has blue eyes at first and long crimson red hair that reaches down to her legs. Rias has a seductive body having fair skin. The most noticeable outfit of Rias is the Kuoh Academy girls’ school uniform. She is known for her kindness and has extraordinary demonic power; she releases the energies that can disintegrate matter. 

    Erza Scarlet

    Erza Scarlet is an anime girl, and her age is 19; she has brown eyes and scarlet hair. She is an S-Class Mage and fairly hills head girl by occupation. Erza mostly wears an armor set and a blue skill; she also carries a sword. She is known for her strict personality. Erza has incredible Requip: The Knight, sword magic, telekinesis, and many more, along with immense magic power.  

    Asuka Langley Sohryu

    Asuka Langley Sohryu is an anime girl, and her age is 14; she has dark blue eyes and long auburn hair. Asuka has a very proud and confident personality, but she doesn’t like expressing her feelings. She is mostly seen wearing a school uniform and a red watch in her hand. Asuka shares a love relationship with Shinji, and they both are immensely attractive towards each other. She has the skill of an Eva pilot.  

    Kurisu Makise

    Kurisu Makise is an anime girl, and her age is 18; she has imperial violet eyes and chestnuts in games and red hair in anime. Kurisu is a serious young woman having a mature and sensible personality. She remains calm even in tense situations.

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