Anime Tappers Codes 2022

Anime Tappers is a Roblox game in which you will need to click on the screen to gain taps. Explore the world with your anime character and defeat all the bosses out there. You will earn Yens after defeating the bosses. You can have some pets; you have to evolve them to make them stronger. 

Active Codes

AOGIRITREEUse it to get Taps & Yen
BRAWLUse it to get a Rock Lee Pet
DUNGEONSUse it to get Taps & Yen
FEARUse it to get a Free Pet
FULLMETALUse it to get Taps & Yen
GHOSTUse it to get a Ghost Cursor
GHOULUse it to get Taps & Yen
HALLOWEENUse it to get Taps & Yen
JUZOUse it to get a Spooky Juzo Pet
LUCKUse it to get 10 Minutes of Super Luck
LUCKYDUCKYUse it to get 5 minutes of Super Luck
NOFEARUse it to get Adult Gon Pet
ONEPIECEUse it to get Taps & Yen
POWER UPUse it to get 900 Taps
RAGEUse it to get Purps Pet
RELEASEUse it to get 1,000 Taps
SAIYANUse it to get 250 Yen
SAOUse it to get Taps & Yen
SLEEPYUse it to get a Zenitsu Sleepy Pet
TITANUse it to get Taps & Yen
TOADBOIUse it to get ToadBoi Pet
ULTRADUCKYUse it to get 5 Minutes of Ultra Luck
UPDATEUse it to get 3x Yen for 10 Minutes
UPDATE6Use it to get Taps & Yen
X3TAPANESEUse it to get 10 minutes of 3x Taps
YENUse it to get Yen
YUMMYYENUse it to get Yen

How do I redeem codes in Anime Tappers?

You can redeem the codes in Anime Tappers by following the steps below:

To redeem your rewards, first, tap on the Twitter button to open the redemption window. Then input your code in the text box and hit redeem.

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