How To Fix r5apex.exe Application Error on PC – Apex Legends

In this guide, you will come to know how to fix the r5apex.exe application error. You have to follow a few steps to get rid of it. 

You can fix the r5apex.exe application error while launching Apex Legend. This error pops up when the EasyAntiCheat engine ends the loading at the game startup. To fix this, you will need to go to the Program Files of Drive, where you saved Origin Games. Then open up the Apex folder and go to the properties of r5apex file.

After that, you will need to go to the Compatibility tab. In Run the program in compatibility mode for section, you have to select Windows 7. Also, check the “Run the program as an administrator” checkbox and click on the Apply button.

Now come up to the EasyAntiCheat folder and run the Easy Anti Cheat Server Setup. Then you have to click on Repair Service. It will help you out for sure. 

But if you still face the problem, open your Origin Launcher, go to My Game Library and right-click on the Apex Legend. Pick out the Repair option. It will ensure the integrity of your game files. 

Now, if the problem didn’t resolve, you may go to your Task Manager. Here are the programs which show excessively on the game when you play it. It could be Discord, Steam, GeForce experience app, or your antivirus program. You have to make sure that the system and drivers are up-to-date.

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