Aquanox Deep Descent – Controls Guide

Deep Descent is a first-person shooter game, where players will experience combat in the dystopian depths of Aqua. You have to control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce battles against the opponents.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Aquanox Deep Descent.

InteractEPress E to Interact
Primary ModuleQPress Q to Use Primary Module
Secondary ModuleVPress V to Use Secondary Module
Target LockMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Lock The Target
Use Repair KitRPress R to Use Repair Kit
Use Shield KitTPress T to Use Shield Kit
Left Weapon FireLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire on Left Side
Right Weapon FireRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Fire on the Right Side.
Toggle Secondary Weapon 013Press 3 to Toggle Secondary Weapon 01
Toggle Secondary Weapon 024Press 4 to Toggle Secondary Weapon 02
Activate Engine BoostLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Activate Engine Boost
Quick SaveF5Press F5 to Quick Save
Quick LoadF9Press F9 to Quick Load
Toggle LightsFPress F to Toggle Lights
Toggle Large ReticleOPress O to Toggle Large Reticle
Open Quest Tracker / ScoreboardTabPress Tab to Open Quest Tracker
Switch Left Primary Weapon1Press 1 to Switch Left Primary Weapon
Switch Right Primary Weapon2Press 2 to Switch Right Primary Weapon
Open Left ScreenMPress M to Open Left Screen
Open InventoryIPress I to Open Inventory
Access Radial Menu/FreeviewLeft AltPress Left Alt to Access Radial Menu/Freeview
Active Quest PathingYPress Y to Active Quest Pathing
Weapon ModifierCPress C to Weapon Modifier
Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackwardSPress S to Move Backward
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move Up/Dodge UpwardSpace BarPress Space Bar to Move Up
Move Down/Dodge DownwardsLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Move Down

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