Ar45 Domain Guide – Genshin Impact

This guide is for AR45 in Bloodstained Chivalry and Noblesse Oblige Domain. It will also provide you with the Keqing phys damage build. 

The main phys damage dealer in the team are Deqing, Supports: Fischi/Mc Anemo/venti.

So the strategy will be straightforward, but any error will be “fatal”. Indeed you will take massive damage in this domain at AR45.

First, you will need to do a good packing of the three mages at AR45. It will be 1 Hydro/1 Cryo/ 1 Pyro mage.

After packing them, it is time to take down their shields.

When their shields are down, you can begin bursting with keqing.

It is easier when everything goes fine than the other strategy, but it will be chaos if you chain problems.

You have now the primary goal of this new strategy. Let’s now see this in detail.

So in the previous run, everything has gone smooth, and the fight was finished at phase 1 (pack/down shield/burst).

Let’s now see 2 phases strat in detail. You can begin”here” with Fischl, wait for a little, and then walk “there”.

After that, you have to stop here and precast your E. Try to launch him in the middle of the mages.

Then switch to MC Anemo and fully charge their E switch to venti and use his E ultimate.

Now you will need to switch to Jelqing and use double E if shields are still up. Or E charged attack, if shields are down, then begin bursting.

The main difficulty of the fight will be the pyro ball chasing you. Use your ultimate to dodge the first explosion of the pyro ball. Dash as last as you can during ultimate to avoid damage.

The pyro ball is exploding far; you can reburst with keqing. 

Here is the phase 2 sequence; you will need to switch to fischi and ultimate mages.

Then switch to Mc and use their E and ultimate, depending on the situation/position, only one or both.

After that, you have to switch back to keqing and do your burst rotation. E/charged attacks ultimate when pyro ball/Dash far for to bring the ball and re dash into finish mages.

Try to focus on the pyro mage, If he is dead, there will be no pyro ball, and the flight will be much easier. You now know all the basics of this fight, Lets see what you can get in this domain before going further.

At AR45, you will always have one 5 star artifact random of the 2 Golden sets, and yes, each part of the set could drop, not only the flower.

But sometimes, if you are lucky like me here, you can have two five stars artifacts. Your artifact farm will be much faster at AR45.

Lets now see a problem that will make your runs a little harder.

While in phase 1, you can have this problem of being frozen, Hit space quickly and ultimate.

Then you have to get back and skip directly to phase 2 without phase 1 burst.

Remember, as usual, it is vital to ultimate when the pyro ball comes.

Now you will need to dash back to lure the pyro ball and re-get in to burst and finish the mages as you want.

If you don’t have venti, you can use sucrose instead in the same way.

Reminder here, wait a little after and walk all the way. It is important, your way of doing this will affect the packing position.

You have to use source ultimate and E.

See the pyro ball, instant cast ultimate.

Dash back to pyro ball and recommend into the fight, It is important to dodge the pyro ball or die fast.

When your burst is interrupted by the mages casting their Aoe, it is now the time to Phase 2.

Challenge completed but before trying, here are the builds used in this guide but look at tiers sets bonus on supports; their artefacts/weapons were not optimized.

Now lets begin with keqing phys damage build, which is the same as the last build.

You can also use her in her electro build, but phys dmg has done the job, Remember with 2 anema resonance, you can make much more charged attacks.

Lets see Fischl build now, like other supports, she is not optimized, but it gives you an idea of what weapon and tier set to use.

With your supports optimized. Better and upgraded artefacts/weapons, you can do far better and always finish the fight at phase 1.

Lastly, it’s a run with Xiangling instead of venti/sucrose. You can adapt the strategy to your team like jean etc.

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