Archero Tier List

Archero is an arcade action game that was released in 2019. There are many archer characters in the game. Some of them are free to play, while some are purchasable that need real money. The game is based on a complete story including different stages in which you have to play as an archer and fight every enemy and monster that comes on your way. 

You will be equipped with many weapons to take the enemies down. The enemies will charge at you in the form of hordes, you have to dodge their attacks while striking them continuously. The archer will gain more skills and abilities as you proceed further into the game. The Archero game is available for free on the Apple App store and Google play store and you must have a mobile phone with android version  5.0.0 or more to play the game. 

We have categorized the characters in eight groups.

The leading heros in the group SS are Shade and Sylvan. They are the best of the lot and are able to win you maximum number of battles. The most prominent characters in group S+ are Ayana and Ophelia. They are almost as good as SS tiers. The most highlighted characters in group S are Meowgik and Helix. These heroes are able to perform well in the game. 

The top heros in group A are Rolla and Phoren. They are good to some context of the game. 

The leading character in group B is Onir.The most prominent hero in group C is Bonnie. He is just an average hero. The top characters in group D are Urasil and Shari. These heroes are below average. Some heros in group E are Atreus. They are the weakest characters in the game.

Archero Tier List – Weapon

Tier SS

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedTier
Stalker Staff100%115%SS

Tier S

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedTier

Tier A

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedTier
Death Scythe145%85%A

Tier B

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedTier
Saw Blade80%150%B

Tier C

WeaponDamageAttack SpeedTier
Brave Bow100%100%C

Gale Force:

Gale Force is a crossbow like weapon having a damage buff upto 70%. It is considered as the most lethal weapon as compared to others because it has the best damage output in the entire game. There will be a meter on it and it will fire a shot straight on the enemies once the meter is filled. After firing, Gale Force deals damage upto 300% to the opponents.


Bright spear is a very powerful melee weapon. It is the best weapon for the boss fight that helps you to counter the strongest of the bosses. If you target the same enemy again, its damage will increase from 0.3% to 10%. The attacking speed of Bright spear depends on your control, the better you control the faster you can attack. Most of the strikes hit at the perfect spot. It doesn’t seem to miss the target. 

Stalker Staff:

Stalker Staff weapons launch the homing balls towards the enemies that follow them. And then these balls hit them after reaching closer. Stalker Staff can play an important role in the battle against bosses. You can use it to hit the boss multiple times while staying at a distance from him. It can provide 100% damage to the opponents. The ability of Stalker Staff to launch the homing balls makes it a really unique weapon. 


Tornado is a very sharp hand blade that you can throw straight on the enemies. It can hit the enemy twice in a single throw. It goes forward after the first and then hits the enemy again while coming back to you. It has in-built pierce and bounce functions. With Epic, Tornado deals 55% pierce damage and 68.75% bounce damage. It is a very rapid weapon to hit the enemies but there are big chances for a miss hit.

Death Scythe:

Death Scythe is one of the highest damaging weapons in the Archero game. You can use it to provide massive amounts of damage to the opponents and it will help you to kill some of the difficult enemies. Death Scythe also pushes the opponents backward and doesn’t allow them to charge forward. But it is a slow weapon, it attacks the enemies at a very slow speed as compared to other weapons and this is considered as its weakness. 

Saw Blade:

Saw Blade is the fastest weapon in the Archero game that can be used to attack the enemies rapidly. You can damage the opponent in a very quick instant using the Saw Blade. The epic perk increases its damage output. But it can be used only against some enemies, if the enemies are out there in a large number you will not be able to kill them with the Saw Blade. 

Brave Bow:

Brave Bow is the worst weapon in the game, It has very less damage output and also the slowest one of the lot. If you want to progress higher in the game, then this is not the right weapon for it, you just need to stay away by not picking it up.

Archero Tier List – Abilities

Tier SS

Slow ProjectileSS
Front ArrowSS
Invincibility StarSS
Attack Speed BoostSS
Extra lifeSS

Tier S

Bouncy WallS
HP BoostS
Crit MasterS
Piercing ShotS
Attack BoostS
Dodge MasterS
Diagonal ArrowsS

Tier A

Bolt StrikeA
Poison TouchA
Rear ArrwA
Toxic StrileA
Fire StrikeA
Shield GuardA

Tier B

Frost StrikeB
Strong HeartB
Side ArrowsB
Fire CirceB
Holy TouchB
Poison CircleB

Tier C

Fire SwordC
Ice CircleC
Summon One Eyed BatC
Bolt CircleC
Poison SwordC
Shadow CloneC
Chiling BlastC

Tier D

Water WlkerD
Death NovaD
Bolt MeteorD
Spirit Front ArrowD
Bolt SwordD
Bolt StarD
Spirit Crit BoostD
Spirit Poisoned touchD
Spirit BoltD
Spirit Attack SpeedD
Spirit FreezeD
Blazing StarD
Death BombD
Ice SwordD
Spirit Diagonal ArrowD
Spirit Multi ShotD
Spirit BlazeD
Frost MeteorD
Toxic StarD
Through the WallD
Blazing MeteorD
Spirit Attack BoostD
Frost StarD
Toxic MeteorD

Archero Tier List – Hero

Tier SS

HeroUnique AbilityTier
SylvanElemental AttackSS

Tier S

HeroUnique AbilityTier

Tier A

HeroUnique AbilityTier

Tier B

HeroUnique AbilityTier
BonnieDark ShadowB

Tier C

HeroUnique AbilityTier

Tier D

HeroUnique AbilityTier


Shade is a female character and a very damaging one for the units on the ground. She comes with a base attack of 170 and 550 base health. There are two different forms of Shade. In the Shadow form, her stats increases immensely which includes attack, speed and dodge. So she hits the enemies with rapid attacks and also dodges the attacks that come from their side. In normal form, she gets dark power and deals dark damage upto 135 to the opponents. You can change her form anytime you want, it will just take a few seconds to switch. 


Ayana is the most expensive character in the game as she costs 2,500 gems. She is a very useful because of her mind control and teleporting skills and really proves her worth. Ayana charms her enemies and then completely destroys them with killing blows. This charm can be applied after 10 seconds on an enemy and can also be used against the new coming enemies. The hero buffs of Ayana are usable on level 20, 40, 60 and 80. These buffs increase her damage attacks and she deals more damage to the airborne and distant enemies. 


Meowgik is another free to play hero in the game who costs 1,800 gems. It means you don’t have to purchase him with the real money, just your gems to make him playable for you. With his special skill, Meowgik summons katties to counter the enemies.  These cats act as homing missiles and follow their targets. If a monster comes on their way, they can kill that monster as well. The Meow Spirit multiples your manager with 2.95, it means your damage increases by almost triple percentage. Meowgik has the ability to increase his attacks and dodge on different levels. 


Sylvan is the most expensive character, you must have $19 USD in order to purchase him. He comes with 600 base health and 160 base attack. The special ability of Sylvan allows him to trigger an elemental effect to attack the opponents with poison, thunder, blaze or ice. Poison touch deals the maximum amount of damage and it helps Sylvan to counter more number of enemies. He is a great utility player because of all these skills and abilities. 


Helix is a free to play character that costs 1,500 gems. He is literally the strongest hero in the entire game. The maximum attack for Helix is 125 and max HP is 620. He has got a very unique fighting skill called Fury that provides an extra amount of damage to the opponents. Helix becomes much stronger after leveling up and then he hits the enemies with very powerful and critical strikes. At level 40, he will be able to heal himself after taking damage from the opponents.

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