ARCHERO: Ultimate Beginner Guide

In this guide, you will get to know everything about Archero. You have to follow the given guide to get the information about weapons, heroes, and more. Your game performance will be enhanced after this guide.   

On the top left corner of the screen, you have your Account Level. You have to play a game to increase it. You get exp which leads you to increase your level, and you get it after you die. No matter how long you play the game, you always get the same exp. The exp gain is only different when you are playing the game on harder chapters. The exp depends on the difficulty level of chapters. If you play easy chapters, you will get less exp and vice versa.    

Right after the account level, you have your Energy bar. You need 5 energy to play the game. It takes 12 minutes to refill 1 energy and one hour for 5 energy. When you run out of energy, it will give you 4 free chances to play the game without the energy. 

Right after the Energy Bar, you have the Coins option. You can use your coins to level up your heroes and equipment. You can talent rolls from the coins.

And right after the coins, there’s a Gems option. You can use them in the game for reviving purposes. You can only revive one per run in the game. You may be able to get revived for free by watching the ads. You can use them for chess rolls, buying coins, buying energy to play the game, and the event runs. 

If you go to the Shop, you will find Gold and Obsidian chests there. The Obsidian chest has better equipment for gears. You get a free Obsidian chest per week and a Golden chest for free per day.

You can buy gems with money in the game, and then you can use these gems to purchase the coins.

Now come up to the Equipment tab. Here you can equip your gears. There are eight slots available; you can equip a weapon, armor, two rings, bracelet, locket etc. You can either buy a chest if you want to get gears faster, or you can play a daily challenge event. You can even farm chapters and vendors. 

Chapter 3, chapter 6, and chapter 10 are the best chapters to farm. You may get one item per run on these chapters. There are six rarities. The attainable rarities are Common, Great, Rare, and Epic. You required three Commons to make one Great, three Greats to make one Rare and three Rares to make one Epic

The rare and epic rarities grant you better stats at higher levels. Coins and materials are required to level up your equipment. By farming the chapters, you can find the materials. You don’t need to use a Dismantling system because it’s not worth it. 

You can change your hero after completing Chapter 3. There’s an option of Change hero below your current hero. You required coins, gems or real money to buy them. There are a variety of heroes available; everyone has their special abilities.   

Urasil is a free character available in the game. He is completely free to use.  

You can purchase a Phoren hero with only 50,000 coins. You will get the coins in no time, and you can purchase him. He is one of the strongest free heroes.

There are two strong heroes available for free. You just have to save gems up to a specific number, and you can get them for free. The heroes are Helix and Meowgik. The strongest hero in the game is Sylvan. You need real money to purchase him. If you don’t have enough money to buy the Sylvan hero, you can go for the Helix and Meowgik. They both are strong heroes.      

If you come up to the Upgrade option, you will find that each hero has its stat. It gives a special effect to all heroes. You need to acquire maximum heroes so that you can enjoy their special perks. It is recommended to upgrade all heroes to level 20 then later to level 60. For this purpose, you need coins and sapphires. You can find sapphires in chapter runs, and they can only be used to upgrade heroes. You can upgrade your heroes up to level 80.  

On the top left corner of the screen, you have a timer icon. It is the Time Reward. You can acquire the awards when they are available. You have to do nothing to obtain them. 

Under the Timer Reward option, you have a present icon. Here you can get the deals with real money. You need to pick up the supply packs as it provides free gems, sapphires, energy levels. You can acquire it once per day by watching ads.  

You can obtain a daily Login gift in the game. It appears under the present icon. You can get a lot of good stuff from here. 

Now you have a long bar option at the top. It’s called a Battle Pass. It lasts for about 13 to 15 days. You can complete it by simply playing the game. You don’t need to stress about completing them. 

The items on the left side are for free but on the right side are premium. It costs $7.49 for the current battle pass. 

You can use different chapters which you want to play. If you click on the normal mode you come up to the hero mode. There are harder chapters than the normal chapter available here. 

Now come up to the Talents tab. You can purchase talent from here with coins every time you level up. 

Lastly, you have the Events tab. You can unlock it after completing chapter 3. There are four events available here. The first one is Hero Duo. In Hero Duo you can play with your friend. It only gives you 10 chances to play together per day. The second one is Hero Adventure. It comes only once every 2 days. It is the best mode for farming sapphires, lockets, bracelets, and more once every two days. It’s an endless mode. 

The third one is Flying Bullets. It is full of enemies and one of the best events for farming items. The fourth one is Up-close Dangers. This event is full of enemies and the best place to farm the coins. From the Flying Bullets and Up-close Dangers events only one is available per day. All events are available on Sunday. You have to pay after the second attempt as you don’t have unlimited tries on Flying Bullets and Up-close Dangers events. At Hero Adventure you have one free, and then one paid attempt.

In combat, you don’t only need the best gear to complete a chapter. In RNG, you have a chance to choose the best abilities of your hero. The better gear will surely help you throughout the run. These are important aspects while playing the game. 

The Stutter Stepping cancels your attack animation, which results in faster attack speed and more damage. You can do it with all weapons, but it works efficiently with slow weapons. It requires practice and more practice. To do this, you need to tap on the screen to reset the animation instantly when a projectile is thrown out.   

You need to focus on your hero instead of projectiles. Focusing on the hero leads you to focus on the attacks coming to you. You can use the walls and water to your advantage. Water can help you against the melee monsters, and the wall can absorb the attack coming towards you. After defeating the enemies you get exp. You can choose the three abilities. The recommended abilities are multishot rage, ricochet, and front-arrow. 

You may also choose among crit major, attack boost, attack speed boost, hp boost, and defense abilities are dodge master, invincibility, wing-man, and slow projectile. There are even more abilities that you can choose according to you. You need to avoid all-star and meteor abilities, smart, death nova and death bomb. If you are a new player, then you may not be able to get these abilities. 

You will encounter three NPC’s through your run. The first one is Angel. It appears after every five levels or in between them on specific chapters. It offers skill and a heal. You have to select anyone according to your need. 

The second one is the Devil. It appears after boss fights and you take no damage from the boss. It offers you pretty much high-tier abilities. He trades the abilities with you for around 20% of your health. You must have an extra life ability with you. If you take the damage from the boss then you will encounter the Wheel. It gives you coins, abilities, or heals. You get a gem wheel that either land on a gem or a coin. You can spin the wheel after watching an ad five times a day. 

The last one is Mysterious Vendor. It offers materials, sapphires or items. It is recommended that if you need material, buy it with coins. If you buy items with gems it’s worth it. You get revived once per game with the help of gems or by watching an ad. It is recommended to get revived when you are on a harder chapter and have strong abilities. 

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