Argent Twilight Tier List 2023 (Best Characters)

Argent Twilight is an action role-playing game with a turn-based strategy. It is designed with 3D anime-style aesthetics and features more than 300 heroes. All of the heroes come with unique stats and abilities, you have to mix and match them to defeat the foes and unravel the secrets of the Dark Orbs. Argent Twilight also features a player-versus-player mode.

The heroes in Argent Twilight are categorized into different tiers. The most prominent characters in tier SS are Brave Djur and Callous Djur while Callous Alcy and Lax Alcy are the best S-tier heroes. The popular heroes in tier A are Sweet Aseha (Transform) and Jolly Celestial (Transform). Brave Einid and Touchy Einid rank in the B tier while Zealous Para and Wise Para rank in the C tier.

SS Tier

Brave DjurSS
Callous DjurSS
Honest DjurSS
Hardy DjurSS
Snobby DjurSS
Reckless AlcySS

S Tier

Callous AlcyS
Lax AlcyS
Serious AlcyS
Cryptic AlchS
Brave Aseha (Transform)S
Pure Aseha (Transform)S

A Tier

Sweet Aseha (Transform)A
Jolly Celestial (Transform)A
Smart Celestial (Transform)A
Impish Celestial (Transform)A
Zealous CleoA
Lonely CleoA
Impish CleoA

B Tier

Brave EinidB
Touchy EinidB
Lax EinidB
Hostile JacquesB
Aloof JacquesB

C Tier

Zealous ParaC
Wise ParaC
Curious ParaC
Bold ShuloC
Callous ShuloC
Honest ShuloC
Pompous WoonyeC
Wise WoonyeC
Lax WoonyeC
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