Astromine Mod: How To Download And Install In Minecraft

The ASTROMINE MOD allows the players to explore the surroundings of outer space and discover mysterious space objects. Use a flint and steel on rocket to launch it and then start exploring riding this rocket

Follow the following steps to install ASTROMINE MOD 1.16.2 in Minecraft:

  • Go to the website below ( Then select the Installer below and download the fabric installer.

  • Go to the website below, scroll down and search the specific version (1.16.2), click on the download button of Fabric Api.

  • Open the following link and click on the download button to download the Astromine file version 1.16.2.

  • Go to the below link, scroll down and check the 1.16.2 version click on the download button.

  • Now minimize your browser and open the download folder. Paste all the downloaded files on Desktop.

  • Now launch Minecraft launcher, click on minecraft java edition, then select the latest release version and hit the PLAY button.

  • As it gets completed, the minecraft game interface will be shown, click on “Quit game”.

  • Type windows+r to open the run dialog box, type %appdata% in it and click OK.



  • After that, follow this directory “appdata\roaming\.minecraft\versions to approach a specific location.

  • While keeping the version folder open, double click on the fabric installer that was downloaded in earlier steps. Select the minecraft versions 1.16.2 and hit the Install button.


  • As a text “Done” pops on the fabric installer window, a new file with the name of fabric loader will be generated in the versions folder.

  • Now open the minecraft launcher, select minecraft java edition, select fabric-loader-1.16.2 and hit the PLAY button.

  • Downloading of the fabric loader will get started.

  • After that, the Minecraft game interface will appear, Fabric (Modded) will be shown on the left bottom of your screen. You have to click on the “Quit Game” button.

  • After that, run the appdata command again in the Run ( press WINDOW + R), and follow this directory “appdata\roaming\.minecraft\mods”, paste the fabric-api and Wurst-client files.

  • Open the minecraft launcher again, select the fabric loader and hit the PLAY button.

  • Hit the button of “Mode (11 Loaded)”.

  • Check and read all the modes step by step and at last press the Done button.

  • As the minecraft game interface comes, you will need to click on Single player.

  • Then click on “Create new world”. And change the setting as you like.

  • After that , one pop menu will appear and you have to click on Proceed.

  • Now Play and Enjoy the game.

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