Atk+10 Headgear for All Class – Ragnarok M]

This guide is about how to get this FREE Headgear. (+10Phy/MATK, HIT+5, Damage from non-element -3%).

You have to learn holding hand ability from Pantera North NPC.

You will need to buy one “Love Forever” Music Disk from Event NPC at Ponteta South 1k ea or drop it from Angeling.

Head to Geffen, West Goblin Forest.

You have to hold one opposite-sex character and ride the Ferris wheel once.

Leave this place by opening the map and pressing Leave.

After that, you will need to head to Pontet South Gate and ride the Poring Balloon once. 

Finally, go to the Music Box play the music disk. Then open your camera and type any text.

You can’t listen to others’ music, so you must play your music disk to unlock the quest.

You have to open your adventurer book to receive your hairband.

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