Auto Shop Quick Guide in GTA Online

This is the Auto Shop quick guide for Grand Theft Auto Online. You will find everything you need to know about Auto Shop in GTA Online.

You can get a 10-car garage by purchasing the Auto Shop contract.

You will have a snack bar where you can get all the snacks you need and you have a weapon locker to adjust your weapon loadout. You also have a place to save your progress and change out your clothes.

Now you just have to go to your phone and go to Maze Bank Foreclosures.

After that, go to the top right corner and click on the auto shops and you’ll be able to purchase an auto shop in any of the five different locations in the city of Los Santos.

You should buy the one that is either the cheapest or the one that is close to your other businesses.

Select the location and click buy and then click on Renovate to renovate it.

Once you purchase the auto shop, you’ll need to complete a quick setup mission.

Then you’ll have your contracts available which are these mini heists and every one of these can be done solo or in the invite-only lobby too.

You don’t have to be in a public lobby to do any of these contracts.

There will be always three contracts on your board and they will rotate every time you complete a contract, you get will a new one. Union depositories usually pay up to 300 000.

There will be only two set-up missions and then you’ll be on the finale.

Also, you will get the exotic exports list but you can only get it started when you have finished the first contract, and then a little list will pop up. It will repopulate every 24 hours.

in addition, you’ll be able to sell up to two cars if you hire extra staff.

You do not have to worry about the customization, you can either deliver them yourself and if you have the staff, they’ll deliver the car for you if you pay extra.

Therefore you have different ways to make money. The contracts will be the best way but there are some other auxiliary ways like this to make money as well.

The auto shop contracts are the second-best solo method to make money in the game.

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