Awakening Sky Of Diamonds Modpack : How To Download And Install In Minecraft

AWAKENING SKY OF DIAMONDS is a real fun mod pack in the Minecraft game. The players will have great craziness in the skies that will mesmerize them a lot.

Follow the following steps to install AWAKENING SKY OF DIAMONDS 1.12.2 in Minecraft:

  • Go to the website below, select the Installer as shown in the image below and download the Twitch App installer for Window.


  • Minimize your browser, open the downloads folder and paste all the downloaded files on Desktop.

  • Now open the Twitch App and press the Install button.


  • After installing , this interface will appear. You need to enter the Username and Password in the specific text boxes.


  • Then press Log In.



  • After Logging in to your account, You have to press the accept button.


  • Click on the Circle , and select Settings.


  • Tap on Minecraft, and remember the file location.


  • Scroll down and increase the memory allocation.


  • Then you will need to click on Mods.


  • Select Minecraft.


  • Press the install button.


  • Click on Browse Modspack, and search “awakening”. Then press the Install button


  • Press “My Modpacks” and tap on the Play button. The updater setup will be initialized.


  • Minecraft Launcher will open. Type Username and Password in the text boxes.


  • Select the “Awakening – Sky Of Diamonds” and hit the PLAY button.


  • After that, click on “Options” , if you want to change any settings or options. Then press the Done button (to Confirm).


  • Now you will need to click on Single Player.

  • And then tap “Play Solo”.


  • Tap on “Create New World”


  • Again press “Create New World”.


  • After this, click on the Close button.


  • The game will start. Now you can play and enjoy the game.

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