Azur Lane Gems Guide

In this guide, you will get to know the best ways to send your gems, ways not to spend your gems on useless things. You will also learn how to get free gems and how to buy gems in Azur Lane

Best ways to send your gems:

There are several ways to spend your gems in the Azur Lane game. One of the best ways to spend gems is on expanding your Dorm. Now go to the Train option located at the bottom left side of your screen. You start with two slots, so you have to buy other slots for gems. The third slot is for 300 gems, fourth for 500, fifth for 800, and sixth for 1200 gems. It will improve your morale.  

When you give them supplies, it will give you an XP boost.

You can buy the second floor for about 500 gems. It is recommended because you can have more ships recovering morale. On the second floor, the ships don’t get XP. 

Now go to the Tactical Class, which is in the Academy option. It is the second-best way to spend your gems in Azur Lane.

Here you have two ships, and you can get two more slots there. One slot for 500 gems and another for 600 gems.

The other best way to spend gems is on Dock Capacity. You have 150 Dock Capacity at first. Get more ships and start running out of space. 

You can also buy stunning Skins for your ships. 

The best way to spend gems is on Dock expansion. You can get 10 slots for your ships only for 200 gems. The other thing you can buy is a Promise Ring.  

Sometimes there’s an offer of getting two Promise Rings with only 900 gems. It’s a rare offer from Azur Lane

Worst ways to send your gems:

You will need to go to the Munitions option, and you will find the books there. You don’t need to spend your gems on buying the books; it’s a total waste of your gems. You can also buy them with coins, but with the gems, it’s not worth it. 

If you come up to the supplies option, you will find the purple supplies there. You can buy these supplies using gems. But it’s not worth it to buy them with gems. You can easily get it from events or by doing daily and weekly missions and other things.  

Now come up to the Items option. You don’t need to speed gems on Expand Cattery, Coins, Quick Finishers and Depot Expansion. You can get depot space without spending gems by equipping them on your ships. 

You can also buy Coins for 100 and 450 gems. It’s not worth it because you can easily farm coins in the game.

You can also buy Oil for 50 gems, but it is not recommended because you can get it from the canteen by completing your daily and weekly missions. 

Another pointless way to spend your germs is on increasing the food storage capacity. 

Ways to get free gems:

There are several ways in Azur Lane to get free gems. Go to the Momento option, and you can get free gems by completing the stages over there. Along with gems, you can also get some other good items. Sometimes, you don’t get gems, or sometimes you get them at the start. 

You can get free gems by completing a part of their main campaign. You can get 50 gems by completing each stage up to the third stage. By completing stage four, you can get up to 100 gems. 

Now go to the Commission tab and head to the Urgent option. You will get a commission there which leads you to get free gems. 

When Azur Lane has some event or Anniversary, they announce it on their Twitter account. If you take part in it, you will get gems for free. The gems you get from here are enough for you, like you can do many things from them. They will help you in the game. 

Ways to buy gems:

You can buy them with money. It ranges from 1 to 80 dollars. You get like that offer double if you are purchasing for the first time. Purchasing an offer of $20 is recommended, but you can purchase an offer according to your budget.

You get 500 gems for free when you start the game for the first time. After completing each chapter, you get 250 gems. After completing each collection, you will get 50 gems, and you may get Apologems rarely. You also get gems on commission. They are rarer to get from the Apologems. 

You almost spend around 4400 gems on Dorms slots and Training slots. The spending of gems on Dock Expansion depends upon how you organize your things in the game. You can see the chart given below, which can surely help you in the game.  

These are the ways of spending and getting the gems in Azur Lane. The above information surely helps you out in the game, and you can play it efficiently. 

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