Baby Crib: Sims 4 CC (List)

Whether you’re a new or seasoned Sims 4 player, this is the perfect resource for anyone who’s looking to spruce up their baby crib. Check out the following links:

Heart Kids’ Room Crib

The Heart Kids’ Room Crib is perfect for your Sims 4 gamer child. Whether they are playing with friends or family, this crib will provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep. 

Heyden Nursery

Heyden Nursery is the perfect addition to any gaming Sim’s nursery. This suite of custom content includes a crib, blanket, chair, and pillow, all crafted with high quality polymer materials.  

 Victoria Nursery Baby Crib

The Victoria Nursery Baby Crib is a must have for any Sims 4 gamer. This great cot comes with 3 color options and can be used to put your child in the crib for sleeping. 

Hanging Cribs

This unique crib features a sturdy frame suspended from the ceiling, ensuring that your little one always has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

Nana Nursery Baby Crib

If you’re looking for a classic crib or something a little more modern, the Nana Nursery Baby Crib is perfect for your needs.

Basket Baby Crib

Sweet Buddies Nursery

Creating a sweet and loving home for your baby starts with the perfect nursery! Sweet Buddies Nursery is the perfect place to start. Experience The Sims 4 game with a new style with this CC.

Boho Crib

The Boho Crib is an amazing mesh by sketchbookpixels, it is perfect for gamers who want to use it in their Sims 4 game. It’s realistically designed and features high-quality textures. 

Evalina Nursery Crib

Evalina Nursery Crib includes a toddler bed, decorative crib, balloons lamp and more, all in one place so your Sims can sleep or play comfortably. With everything included, you won’t have to search for any additional items. 

Sleepi Crib

The Sleepi Crib is the perfect way to keep your Sims happy while they sleep. This crib comes with a comfortable mattress, soft sheets, and a matching pillow.

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