Baritone Mod – How to Download and Install in Minecraft

This guide is about installing and using Baritone 1.19 in Minecraft. It includes step-by-step instructions to download, install and activate it on your Minecraft game.

In Baritone 1.19 mode, you will find more ores like iron, gold, coal and more.

You will need to install the following two mods to install the Baritone mod.
1. Baritone 1.19
2. Forge 1.19

You have to follow the instructions below to download and install these mods in Minecraft version 1.19:

1. To download the Baritone 1.19 file, you have to open the following link and click on the “Actions” button.
(Note: You must log in to Github to download the file.)
Downlad Baritone Mod

2. Scroll down to 1.19/1.19 (with gradle#329) file and click on it.

3. After that, you need to scroll and tap on the Artifacts button to download the file.

4. You have to press Window+R, type %appdata% and press enter to save the downloaded Baritone 1.19 file in Minecraft.

5. Then you need to open up the .minecraft folder.

6. And navigate to the mods folder.

7. Now you have to unzip the downloaded Baritone 1.19 file and drag the
Baritone forge standalone 1.8.3-125 file in the mods folder.

8. Launch the Minecraft game to check the Baritone 1.19 file.

9. Select Forge 1.19 and tap on the Play button.

10. And then click on the Mods option.

11. Baritone 1.19 is successfully installed in your Minecraft.

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