Basketball Tricks in Dragon Raja

This guide will provide you all the tricks for Lolita, female and male characters in Dragon Raja Basketball. You can use these tricks to make significant progress in the game. 

Lolita character 

Step 1: Standing Position. 

You will need to place your character in this area.

Step 2: Aim at the ring; the last white dot must cover the brown line.

Step 3: The ball corsair must aim at the center of the ring.  

And throw the ball. If you can’t aim at the white dot, you must move the character a bit. Then try again to get a better view angle. 

The trick can fail if the last white dot does not cover all brown lines perfectly, like in this example. 

Lolita is the most difficult because she is too short. But if you do this trick correctly, you can score ten times in a row. 

The next character is Male.

You have to place your character in this spot as shown in the image below. 

White dot and corsair are the same as Lolita. The male type is the easiest. Lock position,  aim the ring, and then fire. 

Due to ideal posture, it’s very easy to score 10x using a male character. 

Now the last character is female. 

A bit different trick, but still easier than Lolita. You have to place the character at this spot. 

Aim corsair at the center of the ring. 

Stand at the correct spot. Aim the center of the ring. Easy 10x in the row. 

Basketball has a lot of anecdotes and titles. No. Seven pitchers just scored 7x in a row.  

And there are several more titles to earn. 

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