Battle Chasers: Nightwar – Trainer

A new action role-playing game (RPG) from Airship Syndicate, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an isometric hack and slashes RPG that features deep character customization, branching story paths with multiple endings, and a fascinating world to explore. It is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, and Xbox One.

How to Use This Trainer?

Firstly, extract the zip file by using the Winzip program, then run the .exe file (trainer file) after that run the game, now you’ll be able to use the following commands.

HomeActive Trainer
Numpad 1Inf. Party Hp
Numpad 2Inf. Party Mp
Numpad 3Add Stamina
Numpad 4Add Will
Numpad 5Add Atk. Pwr
Numpad 6Add Phys. Def
Numpad 7Add Magic Def
Numpad 8Add Crit
Numpad 9Add Haste
Numpad 0Add Evade
InsertAdd Exp
F4Add Skill Charges
F5Add Items
F6Add Gold
F7Add Collectors Curr

Important: This trainer only works with version 23731 of this game.

Download Trainer:

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