Beach Market Guide – GTA 5 Grand RP

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the BEACH MARKET in Grand Theft Auto 5 GRAND RP. Go through the guide and you will be able to earn by selling in Beach Market.

If you need to sell anything in GTA Grand RP, then there are three ways to do it which are through advertisement, market, and contacts. In this guide, the market option will be discussed and especially the beach market.

The beach market is for trading legal items such as seeds, clothes, batteries, etc. You can’t trade ammo and guns because they are illegal and their trading platform is the black market. Also, you can’t trade a car or house in this market. Now if you look at the image below, you can find the encircled beach market location.

To use the beach market, you have to go there, then press E on the NPC and rent a shop. This is the NPC that you have to approach to rent a shop.

You could only rent a closed shop, not the running one. The beach market is very huge but it is recommended not to rent beyond this blue shop and these small pillars. The reason for this is that the area beyond this does not lie in the green zone and also this is a ghetto area where you could be robbed and usually, no one comes around here to shop.

How to Rent the Shop?

To rent the shop, you just approach the above-mentioned NPC and then select rent the shop.

After that, select one of the shops which have a yellow color arrow on them and then the number of hours for which you need to rent the shop but you can not rent the shop for more than 3 hours. After that press Next and give in your phone number, it is optional though.

After that, press the Next button, and your shop will be rented.

The cost of rent is 500$/hour or 1500$/3 hours.

It will appear which shop you need to approach and when you reach your shop, you have to press E to interact and place your items to sell in the shop.

Now you just need to drag the items from the inventory into the shop and type in the price.

One thing to note is if you place more than one quantity of an item, the buyer will have to buy them in whole. So be mindful in placing the price and quantity. If you don’t know the price of a product, you can visit other shops and observe the prices of those items.

The beach market is very discredited in terms of price because it is perceived to be very expensive. It is because the 5% of the sale price goes directly to the state e.g if you sold an item for 100$ the 5$ out of them would straightforwardly go to the state. Therefore the sellers tend to set the price at higher rates.

How to extend the Rental?

If your time is about to end, then you have to approach the NPC and select the option to extend the lease of the shop.

And you have to pay the amount of 500$/hour. You can extend it for one hour at a time.

Now one important thing to be kept in mind is that if you leave the game or the game crashes for whatever reason, you will lose your shop and the money spent on rent. But thanks to a recent update if your game crashes or you leave the game whatever the reason is, you’ll get 5 minutes to rejoin the game, approach the NPC, and extend the lease. Otherwise, you’ll lose your shop.

But your items are safe if you lose your shop, somehow you can get your items back. You just have to approach the NPC and select the option “I want to get my stuff from the shop” and then you can drag your items back into your inventory from the shop.

How to end your Rental?

If you want to just end your rental, then approach the NPC and select the option “I want to end my shop rental” and there you can end it.

How to claim your 80 Hours a Week Prize?

There is an option to claim the prize, you can claim the prize of 100,000$ if you play for 80 hours a week. You can monitor its progress in the earn money section by pressing M.

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