Beginner Tips You SHOULD Know – Guardians of the Galaxy

This guide will provide you with the 5 Beginner Tips for Guardian of the Galaxy game. You can use these tips to make progress in the game. 

You save or spend your money units in the game; it doesn’t matter because you will always have enough money. Anything you buy in the game will count as collectibles, and it will also give you achievements.  

You have to make sure you use all of your team’s abilities because your fights will go faster. As shown in the image below, you can use the huddle timer speed to have an advantage in any fight.  

You have to fulfill your promises instead of running away from them because your choices will affect the result of the story. 

As you know that you can die very easily in the game even if your difficulty level is set low. You will need to move around during the fight and keep a distance from the enemies. You can also use your teammates’ abilities to survive and win the fights; you can double-tap to jump with star load and start to shoot, which will keep you in the air for a short time. 

You have to explore every path and direction in the game to find components to upgrade star-lords weapons and capabilities at a workbench. You will also find some outfits that you can change the look of the characters in your crew by unlocking them in your outfit section.

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