Beginner’s Guide – Auto Heroes

It is a beginner’s guide for the players of Auto Heroes. It will provide you with some do’s and don’ts and a couple of tips as well.  

First off, it is suggested that you log in at least every 12 hours so your patrol box won’t get full. 

And make sure you do the map quests like this, these will appear randomly. 

You have to claim your remains, mine, and battlefield rewards. These rewards reset daily. 

There is another map quest like the one earlier; you have to ensure your team is always on patrol. 

When you patrol, you gain resources, you get to fight bosses, and you can also acquire the lost items, which will increase your petrol rewards. 

Here’s another map quest. 

Now, it’s about hero progression. It is suggested that you balance your hero’s progress. 

You don’t have to focus on a single hero; build a core team instead and focus on them. It does not have to be all legendary; some rare and elite heroes work well too. And they are easier to start up early on. Also, you won’t struggle as much when running your island defense and ruins adventure. The enemy scaling is based on your strongest hero.

Here is an example, you can focus on three legendary heroes: Kent, Morrigan, and Meve.

Then three rares, Lohns, Ajani, and Alice. These three are listed as the best non-legendary heroes.

Now the training camp, you don’t need to train up all your heroes.

You have to assign your cores as mentors and your secondary team as trainees. 

Having a second team will help you. When trying to finish a ruined adventure, you unlock more slots as you level up. 

Now, come up to the Bounty Board. 

It is not suggested to refresh unless you have enough heroes to complete the high stars quests.

But if you think it’s worth it, then go for it. The best rewards for you can be scrolls and diamonds. The bounty board resets daily.

Let’s have a look at what is worth buying in the shop. 

It is suggested that you buy energy and bounty tickets with the gold. Shards are also good for the gold.

You can also buy the scroll for 250. 

10 summons = 2700

10 250 scrolls = 2500

It is not recommended to buy gear when you get to chapter 6.

You will get purple gears from your patrol chest.

The merchant’s shop resets daily.

The courage shop resets monthly, and the hero shop has no reset time right now. 

Here is the wagon. 

And here, you get to reset the heroes.

All the resources will be returned, and the hero’s level will reset to 1. It’s free for heroes of level 60, and below; otherwise, it costs 20 diamonds to do so. Disband is not recommended.

You need heroes to feed your cores, and some of them may be useful in certain stages; you shall never know unless you have tried them all.

In the Academy, you can boost your gain for each resource. You can unlock more slots when you reach a certain magic box level.

Your magic box levels up when you acquire more amenities from the selected campaign stages. The endless abyss gives a bunch of good rewards, purple gears, and diamonds. 

Free Heroes!

There are courage coins for the courage shop, glisten essence for awakening and 

refining potions for gems. 

Ashes to level up the private items.

You unlock the private items when your hero hits seven stars, two rainbow stars, as others might say.

These items give your hero additional stats and an upgrade or effect to its skill. 

To unlock the second and third items, you need to max out the previous item first, 

but keep in mind that ashes are hard to find. So make sure you use it on your core heroes first. The island defends and ruins the adventure and gives decent rewards. 

The ruins seem a bit hard, but if you can get past step 9, it should give a good amount of refining potion. Both of these resets every two days. Last but not least, you need to find friends.

Seriously for the sake of free summons suitable for those who have lots of in-game friends. 

Even though we all know the real reason behind these friendships, that’s all for this beginner’s guide. 

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