BEST ADL Sniper Equipment Guide & Explained – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

It is the best ADL sniper equipment guide for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.  

Sniper is the second farthest ranged DPS 7.5m (number 1 is meteor storm 9m).

Due to fast attack speed and critical hits, ADL can deal massive damage in a short time. 

ADL stands for Agi, Dex, Luk build. Agi for attack speed, Dex for damage, and Luk for the critical chance. Each Agi gives you 1% ASPD and 1 Flee, while the max is 480% ASPD. 

Dex increases your damage; every total sum of 10 Dex gives you more attack bonus, which means the more Dex you have, the more bonus you will get. 

Every three Luk gives you 1% critical chance, 100% cric gives you a more stable and fast kill. But critical chances can be reduced by the target’s Luk; the state build will pump Dex to the total sum to activate the weapon’s ability. 

Then add 70+ Agi and the rest to Luk.

What is the weapon’s ability? Here we get an example: you will read a total sum of 95 Dex to activate the crossbow’s 10% attack ability. 

And 120, 150 total Dex to activate another 3, 6% attack. 

Just make sure to pump your state for the requirement so that you can maximize your weapon’s potential. 

Equipment Guide 

ADL builds only use three kinds of weapons: 

You can use a two-slotted tier 3 crossbow until you have the funds to change it to a mystery bow. Or maybe a +5 above more expensive crab bow. 

Why not one slot mystery/crab bow? 

ADL is a job that highly depends on equipment and cards. 

The basic late-game goal is to collect all damage multiplier cards and get the card that suits your grinding spot (PecoEgg/Menblatt).

So the two slotted card weapons can boost more damage than one fresh slot weapon. 

You have to start with a tier 3 clean crossbow; slot it with 2 menblatt cards next.

Now compare with +6 clean MysteryBow and then compare with +6 1slotted card mysteryBow. 

Crossbow tier 3 = 50076

Crossbow tier 3 with 2 cards = 64716

+6 MysteryBow Clean = 52885

+6 MysteryBow with 1 card = 60566

As a result, you can see a cheap crossbow two slot is better than one slot MysteryBow. 

Additional equipment guide:

After you have crossbow tier3 two slotted, you will need to buy a slotted glove tier3 and slot it with a kobold card.  

The Kobold card lets you save 30 Luk for critical%. Make both accessories slotted and put this card. The second accessory can be a brooch or another glove. 

Rosary is not recommended because it only gives +6 Luk (2crit) and 75 attacks, while brooch gives +5Agi (7ASPD) 66 Atk. 

Seven attack speed > 2 critical% (double kobold give you 20% Crit)

SEA server’s fairy in a bottle is not recommended to buy; this accessory is only helpful while fighting MVP and useless in normal grinding. 

After a certain patch, ET 100 floor will release Hatii, which makes the price drop like hell.

Fairy in bottle 

SEA server (hatii no in ET) (left) 

Other server (after hatti in ET) (right)

MARTYRS leash for MVP & GVG, while you need speed to move faster to MVP/Emperium. 

Face gear, you can use dragon scale stripe, hockey mask, or epic spirit – lightning. 

You can obtain Epic spirit-lightning at guild ruin, exchanging it using 300 Nibelungen shards. +10% wind damage allows you to deal more damage to all non-element/dark/fire/water/ghosts with the rouge wind.  

Normal damage only up to 100k dmg. Damage increased to 120k dmg, and Mouth will be a blowgun or donut. Monk Avd’s 2nd job unlocks. 

Since the SEA server didn’t release the UFO cat event, you don’t have to craft the blowgun yet. Garments will be blue eve or undershirt. Blue eve for budget slotted for ASDP & Bao. jr card, or undershirt for free but expensive to make a slot. 

Slotted only 1m 

Slotted around 5m (+BapJR=expensive)

The shoe will be a slotted sack teddy shoe + a male thief bug. You can upgrade to adv sack shoes at ep4. 

Currently, the back only uses a quiver; the devil wing is only useful for other jobs but no sniper. 

Unlock at adv class D 

Gacha headgear  

Head uses cat ear beret for f2p lifetime, or gacha headgear if lucky. Also, Nile’s bracelet is the only gear you can use until the end game. Lately, you can use a tight tier 3 until you have money to buy +5 sniping suits. 

Equipment guide 

The recommended order to build your equipment: (priority by price-performance ratio) 

Get a two-slotted tier 3 crossbow, then tight, quiver and glove. 

After that, you will need to advance to class D to unlock the cat beret and then Nile’s bracelet. Then get garments; after that, get slotted acc with two kobold cards(+20 critical).    

Finally, you have to get a Bap. jr. If you have slotted garments, replace tight with a +5 sniping suit. 

Lastly, pick one 2-slotted end game bow, budget mystery, or expensive crab bow <comparison> 

Besides just buying the equipment, aiming for a race enchanted attribute will improve you. 

Rune build: 

The ADL builds did not have high demand on runes; the main goal is to use fewer gold medals to unlock more attacks. 

Req: 130 gold, 162,600 contrib 

Dex +7, 

Hp+1648, sp+38

Atk +400, refine atk+79 

Critical +4, flee+10.5

Fire Dmg +5%, Holy Dmg +5%

Critical Dmg +2%

Use only 130 gold medals to unlock Atk+400, 7 Dex.

Req: 184 gold, 197,850 contrib 

Dex +7, 

Hp+1820, sp+42

Atk +453, refine atk+95 

Critical +4, flee+10.5

Fire Dmg +5%, Holy Dmg +5%

Critical Dmg +2%

After you have more gold, follow this path to get more attacks. 

Req: 278 gold, 245,250 contrib 

Dex +7, 

Hp+2186, sp+48

Atk + 512, refine atk+111

Critical +4, flee+12

Fire Dmg +5%, Holy Dmg +5%

Critical Dmg +2%

Finally, you can activate the cheapest attack rune with little gold. 

Recommended Pet: 

ADL only recommends using two kinds of pets; Mandragora gives you ten critical points at level 10 (save your 30 Luk).

And switch to Baphomet. jr at the late game while you had 100+critical, Bap gives you 5% crit dmg. Also, you have to use your alt’s money to make a cheap attack headgear card deposit to increase your main’s damage. 

You can filter out the list to check which one is cheap to make. Late game weapons choice: mystery or crab bow? 

First, a +5 sniping suit is always better than a tight suit, so the test will be using a sniping suit.  

Sniping suits have a set effect with a crab bow, which adds an advantage.

+10 crab bow maximum output: 79036 – 85426 (atk 4817) 

+10 mystery bow maximum output: 75803 (atk 6050)

Although the result shows that crab bows are better, you have to reconsider: 

A triple-priced bow for only a 10% damage boost. 

After patch ep5, black party. Ranger had a new skill: “exceed break,” which gives you “100% crit damage buff”. 

Due to the damage formula, if the crit damage % is over 300, the damage increment will be lower.  

If you have a lot of critical dmg enchant, mystery> crab bow. If you didn’t have a lot of critical Dmg enchant, crab bow > mystery. 

Sniper is a job that highly demands equipment enchantment and deposit bonus. 

Final Goal Enchantment 

Arch 2-4/crit dmg 8-10% 

Crit Dmg 8-10% / dmg inc. 3-4%

Crit Dmg 8-10% / dmg inc. 3-4%

Crit Dmg 8-10% / dmg inc. 3-4%

Crit Dmg 8-10% / dmg inc. 3-4%

Arch 2-4/ Dmg inc. 3-4%/ crit dmg 8-10%

Mania 2 – 4/crit dmg 8-10%

Crit Dmg 8-10% / dmg inc. 3-4%

Crit Dmg 8-10%

Sharp 2–4

Arch 2-4/ dmg inc. 3-4%

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