Best Akame Ga Kill Characters

What are the best Akame Ga Kill characters? Start by thinking about the characters you love to hate and the ones you love. Find out here!


In the world of anime, there is a young woman named Mine. She is a teenage girl who has pink hair and pink eyes. She is 155 cm (5’1″) in height, is married to a man named Tatsumi, and has an unnamed child. Mine has blood type B, and she was once part of the Night Raid group. She made her anime debut in Episode 1.


Bols is an anime character who is 32 years old. He has blue eyes and blond hair, and his body bears the scars of a lifetime of combat. His wife and daughter are both deceased. He joined Tatsumi’s group in order to fight the greater evil that threatened their homeland. Bols made his anime debut in Episode 9 and his manga debut in Chapter 15.


Leone is a beautiful woman with golden eyes and blonde hair. She is 170 centimeters tall, and her blood type is O. Her name is Leone, and she is 20 years old. Her personality is kind and energetic. She works for Night Raid and owns the Teigu Lionelle. Her fighting style is agile and powerful, and her weapon of choice is a naginata.


Kurome is a girl with shoulder-length black hair and a cruel personality. Her role is a swordsman. She also has a bad habit of eating too much food. Kurome has an exposed midriff, wears knee highs, and a school uniform. Her blood type is A and her height is 160 cm. She made her anime debut in  Episode 4.


Akame is a young woman who is 164 centimeters tall and has red eyes and black hair. Her blood type is A, and she has a younger sister and an adopted father. The current status of Akame is alive. 

Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu Ubiquitous is a female anime character, she is 164 centimeters tall, with a bust of 82 centimeters, a waist of 54 centimeters, and hips of 84 centimeters. Seryu Ubiquitous is known for her multi-weapon usage. Her personality is bloodthirsty and vicious, but she also has a yandere side. Her favorite accessory is thigh highs. Seryu Ubiquitous made her anime debut in Episode 2.


Sheele is a female assassin with multiple personality disorder. She is 160 cm tall and 86 cm across the bust. She wears boots, cheongsam, and thigh-highs. She has purple eyes and purple hair. She is absent-minded, and a bloodthirsty individual. She wears glasses and arm warmers.

General Liver

The name of this character is General Liver. He is 40-something years old and has blue eyes, gray hair, and blood type AB. He was a member of the Three Beasts Imperial Military but is now deceased. The only thing we know about his teigu is that it was Black Marlin. After his death, the general was found to have a Teigu in his possession. A Teigu is an ancient weapon with a mysterious power source. This Teigu is called Black Marlin. It is an extremely lethal weapon that fires slugs of compressed water at very high speeds. The general was a member of the previous emperor’s army, but he was killed by the current emperor’s forces.


Chelsea is a female anime character who is 157 cm tall, 83 cm around the bust, 54 cm around the waist, and 84 cm around the hips. She has pink hair and mostly wears headphones. She plays the role of an assassin in the anime. Her supernatural ability is fixed-form shapeshifting.

General Budo

General Budo is a tall, handsome man with blue eyes and blond hair. He has the power of an ancient evil god called Adramelech. When he was alive he was a high-ranking military officer in the army of the Empire. He is an important figure in Garo’s story but was killed hundreds of years ago by Kouga’s previous incarnation, Raiga Saezima, who used his Teigu to defeat him. This man is 40 years old. His height is 190 cm, blue eyes, blond hair, and blood type A. He belongs to the Empire and has the Teigu Adramelech. The following are some relevant facts about him: he is dead, he was first mentioned in chapter 45 of the manga, and appeared in episode 20 of the anime.

General Esdeath

Esdeath is a young woman who stands at five feet and seven inches. She has blue hair and blue eyes and she’s quite beautiful. Her body was sculpted from a young age. She’s a proud general of the empire, but her parents are deceased. She leads a team of powerful soldiers called Jaegers, which disbanded after the empire fell to the Revolutionary Army. She uses a Teigu called Demon’s Extract, which allows her to control ice and manipulate it in any way. She is a tall, beautiful, powerful woman. She is in her early 20s and has blue eyes and blue hair. She has a fair complexion and is incredibly strong. She leads the Jaegers, an elite group within the Empire military. She wears a red kimono and carries a sword at her waist. Enormous demonic power courses through her body.


Tatsumi is a male anime character who is 165 cm (5’5″) tall. His hair is brown and he was born on February 29. He is married to a woman named Mine. He is a member of the Night Raid team and has the Teigu Incursio, which transforms his arms into giant swords. The Japanese voice actor of Tatsumi is Sōma Saitō and Corey Hartzog is the English voice actor. 


Najenda is the main character in the series. She is a young adult, 172 cm tall, and has an impressive bust size of 85 cm. She wears an eye patch used to cover her prosthetic eye. She’s a smoker who wears a white lab coat and has blue eyes and white hair. The fetish appeal of Najenda is her large breasts.

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