Best Anime Butler Characters

We all have our favorite anime butler characters. In this article, we’ll look at what makes these butlers so great, as well as highlighting some of the best of the best Butler Anime characters.

Alfred Pennyworth 

An anime named Alfred Pennyworth is an active male human who has black eyes and silver hair. He is 44 years old and has a blood type of B negative. He is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 300 pounds. He is a member of the Draco family and works as a butler. His base of operations is Gecko’s Island.


The anime Hans debuted in Episode 19 of the series. The light novel Hans first appeared in Volume 4 of the series.

Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa

Nagase Asano is a Japanese ninja assassin who works for Addes. She has a height of 162 cm, weighs 79 kg and her blood type is AB. Nagase Asano, Toyogawa likes to make her own computers and fight video games, while disliking email with viruses and browser crashes. She also enjoys blogging and walking around Akihabara. Nagase has a special skill of hacking. She practices Ninja Assassin’s Arts and Battle Disc System fighting style.


The anime Mosquito features an insect-like race of beings that can fly. They are from the House of Evolution, and they have a partner named Mosquito Girl. The manga debuted earlier than the anime, and it follows the same storyline as Episode 2 of the anime

Akiharu Hino

Akiharu Hino is the protagonist from the Ladies Versus Butlers anime and light novels. He is a human male with brown hair and red eyes. Akiharu is employed as a butler.   


The anime Tanaka has an official English name of Tanaka. He debuted in Chapter 829 of the manga and is based on the Nuke Nuke no Mi, a type of Paramecia. The anime’s affiliation is Gran Tesoro and it focuses on the security guard profession. As of Chapter 850, it remains alive.


“Canary” debuted in Japan in 1999, and an episode of the same name was released 33 years later. Canary is 164 cm tall with grey eyes and dark purple hair. She is known to have AB blood type, which means she can tolerate both A and B types of blood without issue. 


Wu is a male protagonist who is 20 years old, has black hair and eyes. He is affiliated with Yut-Lung. Wu made his debut in Episode 09.

Subaru Konoe

Subaru Konoe is a high school student who appears in Chapter 1 of the anime, Episode 1. She has brown hair and eyes, and is described as being 16 years old. Her blood type is A, and she lives with her parents.  

Hayate Ayasaki

Hayate Ayasaki is a 19-year-old male who appears in the final chapter of the manga series. He was born on November 11, 1988, and has light blue hair and blue eyes. He is alive in the game’s story mode.  Hayate Ayasaki, also known as Hayate the Combat Butler or simply Hayate, is a Japanese anime character and the titular protagonist of the manga and anime series, “Hayate”. He is a superhumanly strong young man who fights with his fists. However, he has a weakness for women which often gets him into trouble. His parents are both very supportive of him and care deeply about each other. He also has an older brother named Ikusa who is usually very protective of him.

Walter C. Dornez

Walter C. Dornez is an artificial vampire created by the Hellsing Organisation and Millennium Organisation. He first appeared in the manga Hellsing Volume 1, and has since appeared in the anime Hellsing Episode 2 Club M, as well as the OVA Hellsing Ultimate I. Walter is a highly agile and fast vampire, with strong reflexes. He is also known as “the Angel of Death.”

Hong Long

Hong Long is described as being of human blood type, height 185 cm and weight 66 kg. They have black hair and black eyes. The character was born on December 26, 2285 AD. Hong Long died in 2312 (AD). He was a male and had a sister, Wang Liu Mei. He was from the Human Reform League and worked as an agent bodyguard.


Watari was born on May 1, 1933, and died on November 5, 2004 at the age of 71. He was a male human with blood type B and debuted in the Death Note manga series. Watari is 175 cm tall and weighs 51 kg. Watari is a member of the Japanese Task Force at Wimmy’s House. He has a 7/10 knowledge of anime and an 8/10 creativity score, but his initiative score is 10/10. His emotional strength is also 10/10, and he has 8/10 social skills. Finally, his versatility rating is 10/10. 

Mitsuzo Soroi

Mitsuzo Soroi is a human male who has grey hair and black eyes. Mitsuzō Soroi is a young man who, due to his uncle being the president of Shirō Iori’s company, has many friends and allies in the school community. However, Mitsuzō also has enemies, Ryūgakyūin Revocs Corporation, which wants to take over Iori Industries. In Episode 1 of the anime series “Mitsuzō Soroi”, Mitsuzó must protect his loved ones and friends from this threat. 


Merry, also known as Kaya in the Japanese dub, is a butler who first appeared in Chapter 24 and Episode 11 of the anime. She is affiliated with Kaya and lives in Syrup Village. Merry has a birthday on January 22nd.

Norman Burg

Norman Burg is a butler who works at the Big O. He helps to maintain the building and keep it running, and he also has some skills in gunplay. His hobby is cooking, and he’s dedicated to serving Roger.

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis is a butler and senior staff member at the Phantomhive household. He is also known as Black, and is a demon. He has an average height of 186 cm. Sebastian works for Faustian, and his occupation includes serving as butler to Ciel Phantomhive as well as helping manage the household affairs. Sebastian Michaelis debuted in the first volume of his manga and the first episode of his anime. He has also released a musical album with That Butler, Friendship. Sebastian Michaelis’ video game debut was in Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost.

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