Best Anime Characters With Scars

Have you seen a character in an anime with scars on their face? I bet you have! Scars are a common theme in anime, often representing the hardship and pain that someone has gone through. This article breaks down the best anime characters with scars.

Laxus Dreyar

Laxus Dreyar is a young adult with short, yellow hair and green eyes. He has scales and dragon scales on his body. He has headphones around his neck and sports a muscular physique. He is arrogant, cruel, and powerful. He can use extrasensory perception and astral projection. His magic is lightning magic.


Shanks is a unique character having an inspirational personality. He is both a pirate and the captain of his own crew. He has red hair, scars, and a goatee. With his personality and his appearance, Shanks is one of the most memorable characters.

Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya Izuku is a teenage anime character. He has green eyes, freckles, short green hair, and moptop. The supernatural abilities of Midoriya Izuku are extreme speed and self-destructive technique. He is an altruistic, compassionate, confident, and hard-working person. He plays the role of a student in anime.

Roronoa Zoro 

Roronoa Zolo is a 19-21 year old male, who’s a bit too tall for his age. He has scars on his face and is often sleepy. Roronoa Zolo has short green hair. He’s brave, loyal, and serious and his weapon is a sword. The disability of Roronoa Zolo is topographical disorientation.


Disney’s Scar, the main antagonist in the Lion King franchise, is based on real-life people. Scar, who is the brother of Mufasa and uncle of Simba, was inspired by Adolf Hitler. Scar’s evil deeds are much like those that Hitler performed during World War II.  Scar’s resemblance to Hitler is uncanny; they both even have a similar mustache. He is the former leader of the Lion Guard.

Uchiha Obito

“Uchiha Obito” is the name of an anime character that was born in February. His age range is adolescent, he is about 154 cm tall, and weighs 44.5 kg. He has short black hair and he is equipped with goggles. 


This is a story of Thorkell, a tall mercenary who is actually based on a real person. Thorkell is calm and cheerful, but he can also be violent. He wields two swords, and loves to go berserk in battle.

 Kadomon Risch

Kadomon is an ordinary guy with a wife and daughter. He runs a simple, small street business in Lugnica. He has green hair and sky blue eyes. He owns a small street business. His wife’s name is Raksha Risch and his daughter’s name is Plum Risch. Kadomon made his anime debut in  Episode 1. His English voice actor is Patrick Seitz.


A man who calls himself Guts was born in Midland. He is a mercenary, who has faced many battles and warred with himself in his own mind. 

His sword is the only thing that he trusts and he uses it to slash his enemies. He’s looking for a woman named Casca, but the search is difficult. The Black Swordsman is the hero of this story. He used to be in a group called the Band of the Falcon, but now he wanders around on his own. He’s a tall, muscular guy with long black hair, and he’s missing an eye.

Sugimoto Saichi

Saichi Sugimoto is a brave Japanese soldier. He’s a bit young and plays the role of a soldier in the anime. He wears a scarf, peaked cap, and military uniform. Saichi Sugimoto has brown eyes, short brown hair, scars, fair skin, and he is physically very strong.  

Harima Mika

Harima Mika is an adolescent who wears a cap, necktie and skirt. She also likes to wear contact lenses. She has shoulder-length orange hair and brown eyes. She has scars on her body. Her personality is quite obsessive.


Senku is a genius scientist, he started his career as a child prodigy when he constructed a working nuclear fusion reactor in his basement. In fact, he’s so good at science that his peers call him “Professor Senku.” Senku is a master at innovative solutions to problems. He uses his advanced knowledge to do amazing things. His eyes are red, and his blood type is AB+. Senku made his anime debut in Episode 1.

Todoroki Shouto 

Todoroki Shouto was born on January 11, and he has green eyes and red hair. He is 176 cm tall and his western zodiac sign is capricorn. He mostly wears his school uniform. His disability is trauma. Todoroki Shouto has an aloof personality, and he plays the role of student. He has supernatural abilities  of extrasensory perception, cryokinesis, and pyrokinesis. 

Kamado Tanjirou

This is the story of a red-eyed, short brown-haired, 15-year-old anime boy named Kamado Tanjirou. He was born on July 14th, and his special abilities are agility, jumping very high, and keen sense of smell. He wears a haori all the time and his fashion accessories are earrings. He has a brave, hard-working, indecisive, polite, stubborn personality. His religious belief is Buddhist.   


Tahomaru is a 15 year old boy who possesses excellent leadership qualities. His parents were killed by the samurai Hyakkimaru, who was then adopted by Tahomaru’s father. Tahomaru wants revenge on his brother, but he respects him and he hates him. He is tall and strong for his age. The English voice actor of Tahomaru is Blake Jackson. He made his debut in  Episode 1.

Yuu Otosaka

Yuu Otosaka is a 15-year-old boy. Yuu has an older brother named Shunsuke and a younger sister named Ayumi. He has a girlfriend named Nao Tomori. The English voice actor of Yuu Otosaka is Ray Chase and the Japanese voice actor is Kouki Uchiyama.  


Dabi is the villain that appeared in the anime. His real name is Toya Todoroki, he is 23 years old and 5’9¼” tall. He has white hair with turquoise eyes. The English voice actor of Dabi is Jason Liebrecht and Hiro Shimono is the Japanese voice actor. He made his anime debut in Episode 23, (Flashback) Episode 31.

Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya is a human who goes by the alias Rei Suzuya. He is 29 years old, and he’s 160 cm tall. Formerly, Suzuya was a member of the CCG and served as a peacekeeper in 13th ward. Currently, he is an inmate in ward 13th under the occupation of being a Scorpion 1/56 class Quinque user. Juuzou Suzuya is a Rank 3 member of Division I of the 2nd Academy Junior. He debuted in Chapter 47 of the manga and Episode 9 of the anime, and made his game debut in Tokyo Ghoul Jail.

Mu-Jin Park

In the past, Mu-jin was just an ordinary human being. But then he became an extraordinary man, he is now a Supreme God. Mu-Jin is 35 years old. He is a kind person and has many strong, awesome powers. The particular power that God Mu-Jin uses is called Longinus. Mu-jin made his anime debut in Episode 1. 


King is a 1,300 years old anime character. The character’s birthday is April 1, and he is 180 cm (5’11”) tall. The character weighs 120 kg (265 Lbs) in human form, and his eyes are amber in color. The hair color of King is brown.

Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi Hatake is a ninja, born on 15th September. He is 181 cm tall and weighs 67 kg. He is a very agile, smart, and talented ninja. He uses ninjutsu which is the best ability that all ninjas have. Kakashi wears a mask to protect his identity, and also wears gloves and a balaclava. His hair color is grey, and his eyes are a lifeless shade of blue. Kakashi Hatake has a carefree, friendly, loyal, perverted, and polite personality.

Ren Hakuryuu 

Ren Hakuryuu is a 16-year-old male having a height of 165 centimeters. He is an adolescent and has an amputee, and trauma disability. His fetish appeal is bishounen. The habit of Ren Hakuryuu is going berserk. Ren Hakuryuu’s personality is aggressive, aloof, altruistic, arrogant, and brooding. He plays the role of an activist, aristocrat, prince, usurper, rebel, and revolutionary. His supernatural ability is ki manipulation, and his trait is hero complex.


Ban is an alias of a human male who is 34 biologically, has a male gender, and was born on February 14. He is Alive and has the status of being Human. He stands 210 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. Ban is a pale blue-haired, red-eyed young woman with blood type B. She is married to Elaine and has a son named Lancelot. Ban also has an older brother, King, who is married to Lancelot’s sister. Ban works as a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and as the Chef for the Boar Holy Knights. He has the ability to snatch objects and has a sacred treasure. He also has a courthouse, which he uses to escape from danger. 


Asta is alive and male. He has the magic attribute of anti magic and was born on October 4th under the constellation Libra. He stands at 155 cm tall and has a blood type of A. Asta is a young boy with green eyes and ash blond hair, he is the protagonist of the anime. He also has a richita mother who is a magic knight. Asta first appears in Chapter 1 of the manga, but her anime debut occurs in Episode 1. 

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