Best Anime Nuns & Priests

In the anime world, nuns and priests are some of the most popular characters. Whether they are being good or evil, nuns and priests are always a hit – but, what makes them so popular? This article will list some of the best nuns and priests in anime history with their key characteristics.

Sister Lily

Sister Lily is a nun who lives in the Clover Kingdom. She is 26 years old and was born on July 2nd. Her blood type is A, and she has blue hair and teal eyes. Sister Lily’s magic attribute is Water Magic. She makes her debut in the manga Chapter 1 and the anime debut in Episode 1. Her English voice actress is Dawn M. Bennett.

Nanbu Chitose

Nanbu Chitose is a high school student who has a jealous, and violent personality. She is a student from Japan. She has brown eyes, red hair, long hair, ahoge Nanbu Chitose has a jealous, tsundere, and violent personality. Her fetish appeal is large breasts.

Rosette Christopher 

Rosette Christopher is a young female who fights evil with her pistol. She’s always optimistic, kind, and honest. She’s brave and wears a guimpe, boots, and thigh highs. Her main accessory is the pistol on her belt bag. Rosette has shoulder-length blue hair, twintails, and yellow hair. She wears gloves and a headcover.

Hakuren Oak

Hakuren Oak is the leading character in the series. He was born on 15 October, he is 167 cm (5’6″) and weighs 50 kg (110 lbs). Hakuren Oak has affiliations with The Barsburg Church and Oak Family. He is an Apprentice Bishop and a Tutor by occupation. Hakuren Oak made her anime debut in  Episode 11 and manga debut in Kapitel 9. 

Shiro Fujimoto

Nephilim is a male anime character who is 51 years old. He is 177 cm (about 5’10”) tall, and weighs 62 kg (about 136 lbs.). His birthday is May 10th and he has gray hair and red eyes. He was part of the True Cross Order in the past. Nephilim uses a bazooka, grenade, and rifle to attack his enemies. He made his anime debut in Episode 1.


Ruri is a young girl who lives on a distant planet. She has blonde hair and green eyes, and her birthday is April 14th. She is an only child and her blood type is O. Ruri the priestess of her village. She has an affiliation with the Kingdom of Science. Ruri made her anime debut in Episode 7 and manga debut in Chapter 17.

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is a prominent character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a 27-year-old man, 220 centimeters tall, and weighs 130 kilograms. His birthday is August 23, he has black hair and white eyes. He is a Demon Slayer who belongs to the Demon Slayer Corps. His special style of combat involves stone breathing. 

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