Best Anime Swordsmen & Swords Users

If you’re looking for a cool anime to watch and are interested in sword fighting, then look no further! This article will provide you with all the information that you need about some of the best swordsmen and sword users out there.


Nanashi is an anime character that has a short temper. He’s able to perform iai, a Japanese sword technique. Nanashi is 176 cm (5’9) tall, weighs 75 kg (165 lbs), and has a blood type of A. His birthday is November 15, the current age is 3,500. He also uses a katana in the battle. Nanashi made his anime debut in Episode 16 (S2).


Zoro is a pirate and a swordsman who joined the crew after being defeated by Luffy. He is one of the strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates, a group of pirates who travel the world. Zoro is 19 years old. His bounty is 320 million berries, and his dream is to become the world’s greatest swordsman. He belongs to the East Blue origin.


Saber is a servant of the Emiya family, she is a servant summoned by Emiya Kiritsugu. She is a female warrior, who wears shining armor with an old-styled dress. Saber is 154cm tall and weighs about 42kg. She appears in the anime, Fate/Zero Fate/Stay Night Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Mi-Ra Yu

She is the King Saintess, Mi-Ra Yu. She’s the most powerful woman in the world. She has a level 28 Charyeok called Yeo-Po Bong-Seon, the Original Greed. Her HP is 1200, and her GP is 142. Mi-Ra Yu is the 28th leader of The National Homeless Association. She made her anime debut in Episode 1 and webtoon debut in Chapter 3. Mi-Ra Yu’s husband is named Han Daewi. 

Sonohara Anri 

Anri is a young woman who is 15 years old and has a Scorpio as her western zodiac sign. She is 152 cm tall and wears glasses. She is an adolescent and likes to wear a miniskirt, blazer, crew socks, and school uniform. Anri Sonohara is a meganekko and her eyes are brown. She has shoulder-length black hair with bangs. She is polite and introverted, her breasts are large, and she wears a ribbon that ties at the neck.


Askeladd is a middle-aged man who has a multilingual abilities. He mostly wears helmet armor. He has cyan eyes, a beard, a mustache, and short yellow hair. Askeladd is brave and manipulative. He plays the role of a parricide, pirate, mercenary, and captain of mercenaries in the series. He has got a sword as his weapon.


Mugen is a 19-year-old vagabond who also happens to be a pirate. He wields a double-edged tsurugi with two-pronged hilts and tantō. Mugen’s fighting style is based on Champloo/Champuru Kendo and martial arts. Mugen first appeared in the manga series Tempestuous Temperaments. 


Stain comes from My Hero Academia origin and he is a villain. He wants to create a society of real heroes by killing all the fake ones. He kills people, mutilates people, he stalks people, he’s a terrorist, and an assault artist. He cripples others with fear and spreads terror in order to achieve his goals. The stain was a former unofficial member of the League of Villains Vigilante.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro was born on 17th September of an unknown year. His gender identity is male, and he is 183 centimeters tall. His blood type is O, and his Western Zodiac sign is Virgo. He has a habit of smoking. His looks are black hair, and muscular. He has no supernatural abilities.

Nobunaga Hazama

Meet Nobunaga Hazama, an anime character who first appeared in the manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter. Hazama is a 28-year-old man who is a member of the Phantom Troupe, which is a group of criminals. Nobunaga Hazama was a Greed Island player in the past. He first appeared in the manga chapter 71 and in the anime episode 41. 

Killer Bee

Killer Bee debuted as a manga character in Chapter #408 of Volume #44, and he was then later introduced in the anime in Episode #142 . His age during the second part of the story is 36. His height is 192 cm tall, and his weight is 87.1 kg. Killer Bee is a guardian of the Guardian of Kumogakure. He works to protect the hidden cloud village from danger.

Reinhard van Astrea

Reinhard van Astrea is a 20-year-old male human who is known as the Sword Saint. He is from Lugnica and currently works as a Royal Guard in the Kingdom of Lugnica. Reinhard van Astrea is a knight of the royal guard in Lugnica. His ancestor, Reid Astrea, had Divine Protection from the sword saint. Reinhard also has numerous other relatives who have Divine Protection as well. Reinhard van Astrea is the protagonist of the Re: Zero anime and light novel series. He wields a dragon sword, Reid, and makes his debut in Chapter 7 of the light novel series. In Episode 2 of the anime, he is introduced to viewers as a playable character in the game Re: Zero -DEATH OR KISS -. 


Yato. He is a male anime character, and he is roughly 1,050 years old. He is 173cm (5’8″) tall and has jet-black hair. His occupation is a delivery god. He also used to be a god of calamity, but he changed jobs sometime in the past. He has one sister, The Stray.


Akame is a young woman who is 164 centimeters tall and has red eyes and black hair. Her blood type is A, and she has a younger sister and an adopted father. The current status of Akame is alive. 

Lay Glanzudlii

Lay Glanzudlii is a demon who has a heart of gold. He is currently attending Demon King Academy, where he is in the first year of middle school and classes 1-2. His favorite hobby is playing with his adoptive sister, Misa. He has the appearance of a 15-year-old boy with white hair and blue eyes. Lay Glanzudlii made his anime debut in Episode 5. 

Alibaba Saluja

Alibaba Saluja is a teenager from an unnamed country who is always seen wearing an earring. His personality is often altruistic, ambitious, brave, cheerful, and idealistic. Despite being indecisive and prone, he is able to inspire others to follow his ideals. Alibaba Saluja has yellow hair and eyes.


Hyakkimaru is a 16-year-old male. He is human and his foster parent is Jukai. He has a very complicated family tree with many characters. Hyakkimaru’s father is Daigo Kagemitsu and his mother is Nui No Kata. He has a younger foster brother named Tahomaru and a younger foster sister named Dororo. He meets Mio in the first episode of the anime and falls in love with her.


A man who calls himself Guts was born in Midland. He is a mercenary, who has faced many battles and warred with himself in his own mind. 

His sword is the only thing that he trusts and he uses it to slash his enemies. He’s looking for a woman named Casca, but the search is difficult. The Black Swordsman is the hero of this story. He used to be in a group called the Band of the Falcon, but now he wanders around on his own. He’s a tall, muscular guy with long black hair, and he’s missing an eye.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student and the hero of the story. He lives with his family. He’s also a substitute shinigami and a part-time worker at Mr. Don Kan’onji’s Unagiya shop. Ichigo is a tall, slender man with bright orange hair and brown eyes. He wears a sleeveless jacket over his shoulders and black trousers with a sash around his waist. Ichigo Kurosaki made his anime debut in Episode 1.

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