Best Artifacts You Should Be Using – Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide, you will come to know how to get the Top 10 best Artifacts in the Minecraft Dungeons. You will be able to understand the powers of artifacts.  

You can get the finest Artifacts in the Minecraft Dungeons. On the number ten is Boots Of Swiftness. When initiated, the boots give you a short explosion of speed, which permits you to dash past mobs very simply. The boots are shocking when paired with artifact cooldown abilities such as the battle rob.  

On number nine is Iron Hide Amulet. This amulet will give you a super safeguard for a brief timeframe and essentially transform you into a tank. You can get it from the fiery forge, lower temple, underhalls or dingy jungle. It will be beneficial for you when you are in a difficult situation, especially in a fight against bosses. 

Number eight is Corrupted Beacon. It destroys anything which comes in your way. You can find it in cacti canyon, pumpkin pastures and Redstone mines. It utilizes its energy very fast.  

On number seven is Love Medallion. It transforms the mob into knit for 10 seconds then kills them. You can find it from arch heaven, high black halls, and underhalls. But it won’t work on enchanted enemies or bosses.      

On number six is Shock Powder. It dazes the enemies in your area for a little bit of time and allows you to provide a huge amount of damage to enemies. You can utilize it to get away in case you are getting trapped. You can find it from desert temples and lower temples. 

On number five is Lightning Rod. It uses souls to give a lightning bolt which gives a huge amount of damage to the enemies. It doesn’t require many souls to activate and has a less cooldown. You can find it in soggy, swamp, and soggy caves. You have to do practice to make a proper aim on enemies.  

On number four is Golem Kit. It creates an enemy, your companion, in a fight. Other artifacts can do the same. The golem unit resembles a high-harming bowman. You can find it from creepy crypt and cacti canyon. It will be very helpful for a single-player because it feels like you have a companion in the game after using this. Golem Kit is also known as Soul Lantern

Number three is Torment Quiver. It allows you to throw the arrow through the walls and gives a huge amount of damage to mobs. By using this, you can propel the pesky mobs from you. You can obtain it from creeper woods, desert temples, and lower temples.  

Number two is Gong Of Weakening. It weakens the powers of enemies around you. It is helpful when you are in a fight with enchanted mobs, bosses, and ancient mobs. You can get it from arch heaven, high black halls, underhalls, and panda plateau.          

On number one is Death Cap Mushroom. It increases the attack damage and attack speed. You will hit all the more frequently and surprisingly harder. Your DPS will reach a maximum when you use this artifact. 

It likewise gives you a slight speed help. You can get it from creeper woods, high black halls, and windswept peaks. You can use some gears to decrease the cooldown of this artifact.  

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