Best Budget Equipment For Physical DPS Classes – Toram Online

This guide will help you to make the best budget equipment for physical DPS classes in Toram Online. Just go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions.

Before having to work on your equipment set, you will need to get the essential foods. MaxMP, Critical Rate, and AMPR are foods needed for all physical DPS builds.

For the 4th and 5th foods, you can get MaxHP and damage buffing foods (W.ATK, STR, DEX, AGI, and the flat ATK are not as good). Now let’s see what budget equipment you need to deal the most damage.

You need this armor on all physical DPS classes.

You would be able to get that armor for just 6m in trade and 3m more for adding crystals.

For dual wield this gear is the best by far from other gears, you can buy that for 200k and 1.5m more on the crystals.

For the ring, you can have one of these, Machine Ring(Amalgam + Tuscog) fits best in most of the classes. 2-handed, the same armor, and ring can work very well, only the additional gear is switched to Full Beard (3m as a whole) or Ice Cape just for high def bosses.

Halberd matches well with 2-handed sets but you can add Gravicep to the armor if you get an extra critical rate from the dagger or 2-Handed skill. Same armor for katana but Guignol is replaced with Odelon Machina for more unsheathe damage.

Scary Scarf with Baphomela is best for increasing your katana’s unsheathe damage, about 3m the price as a whole.

Specter and Odelon for better damage. You can use the same equipment set for 2h enchanted builds. Neither unsheathe or range damage is effective for the bow so we get Bear Hat for the gear(2.5-3m).

Since knuckle has a high attack speed and Goliath Punch is unaffected by short-range, we get to use the same additional gear with dual wield. *assuming you have +21CR from the weapon.

With all the equipment and a +S statted 1 -slotted weapon you would need around 22m to have almost completely made your best equipment set over.

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