Best Crusader Kings 3 Mods

In this guide, you will learn about the 5 best mods you have for the Crusader Kings III. You have to follow the guide, and you will be able to know about these 5 best mods in detail. You can install them and can enjoy the game.

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    Epithet Mod:

    One of the best mods for Crusader Kings III is Epithet. This mod will have more than 600 nicknames; it is based on traits like culture, religion, and prestige. Open the following link to download the Epithet mod.

    Download Mod

    More Traits-Commander:

    The second best mode for the Crusader Kings III is More Traits-Commander. In this mode, you will have three different levels. The levels are Veteran, Advanced, Basic, and there are 21 traits in these levels. Your character must be 40 years old to achieve the Veteran level. It includes large martial bonuses and combat specializations. You can download the More Traits-Commander mod from the following link.

    Download Mod

    At the Basic level, you get 10% more fatal enemy casualties along with the attacker advantages. You get the Explorer, which has 20% faster speed and 20% less attrition. 

    In the Advanced level, you get an Archers Master. It can give 20% more damage which can give you many benefits in the game.   

    Edos-France Map:

    This map includes 3728 countries and the 96 kingdoms, and 13 empires, which makes the map incredible; it also has 350 duchies. Open the following link to download the Edo’s France Map mod.

    Download Mod

    Dynamic Lifestyle XP:

    It is the new mod for Crusader Kings III. In this mod, you will get 5% XP for each point in the skills. It means if you have 10 levels in a skill, then you get 25% XP. You can download the Dynamic Lifestyle XP mod from the following link.

    Download Mod

    More Bookmarks +:

    It includes 10 bookmarks which make it incredible. It is a more detailed map having 300 countries. It includes more culture and has 159 more Coat of Arms. The bookmarks include 936, 1068, 1018, 1081, 1124, 1160, 1186, 1204, 1220, 1241, 1267 and 1285. There you have a lot of bookmarks. It added a new variety in Crusader Kings III. Open the following link to download this mod.

    Download Mod

    These are the 5 best mods you have for the Crusader Kings III, and by installing them, you can have more fun playing the game.

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