Best Dinosaurs to Farm Dna in Roblox Dinosaur Simulator

This guide will provide you with the top four dinosaurs to farm in DNA in Roblox Dragon Simulator. 

4. Sauroposeidon

Sauro has a growth multiplier of 2.0. It gives pretty decent if you’re trying to grow this dinosaur once for a while.

It is suggested to farm Sauro in a VIP server so you won’t get range by people in the public servers. If you were farming as the Kaiju Sauro version, it is very good to use it on a public server to escape predators. 

3. Shastasaurus 

Shas has been known as the best creature to use while farming underwater. 

He almost gives as much as Baro. Shas multiplier is 2.3 which is pretty high up. The good thing is you only need food for Shas so just lay eggs and eat them when they hatch. You can farm Shas on a public or vip server.

His range is amazing so no one will really mess with you as this guy. 

2. Zenova 

Zen is the best skin for Puer since Zen has an amazing range. His multiplier is 2.1, not as much as Shas but still decent. Zen multiplier used to be 2.6, but it got nerfed, sadly. 

Zen is mostly good on a VIP server since people always want to kill Zens in a public server. Overall, Zen is still pretty good to farm with. 

1. Barosaurus

Baro is the best AFK farming method, even better than the kaiju titan! You can get at least 10k to 20k a day with this method. So, you will need an auto click, go next to a tree and water and set up your auto click to click up to the water and tree. 

Baro is the number one on farming in DS.

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