Best Engaging Games to Tryout on Android Devices

We provide the list of best engaging games for android devices each year. We have added the games to our list after testing the gameplay and following the main story. Most of the games have a high replay element; you will surely fall in love and get addicted to them. 

Game Name Platform Price Link
What happened earlier? PlayStore Free
Prison Escape AI game PlayStore Free
Lucky Rotate PlayStore Free
GrandGames Sudoku (Windoku, X, Killer and Classic) PlayStore Free
Rocket Duel : INDIA PlayStore Free
Pogo Madness PlayStore Free
SayThis(Drinking Game) PlayStore Free
Bubble Blast PlayStore Free
Spin art 3D PlayStore Free
Shape Racing jelly shape PlayStore Free
Mikatrina PlayStore Free
Zombie VS Slugger PlayStore Free
Emoooji – Online Emoji Guessing and Trivia Quiz PlayStore Free
Typing game PlayStore Free
Solitaire TriPeaks Islands – Solitaire Card Games PlayStore Free
Coloring Book for kids & toddler drawing games PlayStore Free

What happened earlier?

An exciting intellectual quiz that allows you to test your erudition. This game will transport you to the world of “What happened before?” From the first second. You will gain a lot of new knowledge and positivity when you improve the records of your and other players.

Prison Escape AI game

In this game, 2 suspects are caught for a given crime. They are questioned one by one by the police. Their future depends on how they respond. As each candidate is blind to what the other person says, the player must carefully decide how to answer. The app plays the role of one suspect and the player has to play the other. The player must earn higher points than the app’s AI character to progress to the next level.

Lucky Rotate

Really LUCKY rotate game is a very amazing, addictive, and colorful game that gives rest to your brain and also challenging. As per the name of game, “LUCKY ROTATE” rotate the box with the finger moving towards the left or right and pass the colored ball on it with the same color of part of the box. And box also has many types as per level(Easy, Medium, Hard).

GrandGames Sudoku (Windoku, X, Killer and Classic)

In this application, you can solve not only classic Sudoku puzzles but also sudoku variants such as Diagonal Sudoku, Windoku, and Killer Sudoku. The application contains 640 of the most interesting offline levels. In addition, tens of thousands of other levels are available in the online catalog. The collection is updated daily!

Rocket Duel: INDIA

In Rocket Duel, Be the character of your own will, make the action speak for you, open the gate, knock out the enemy with the rocket you have and be the Hero of the rocket in the world of Rocket duel.

Pogo Madness

Jump through randomly generated levels but be aware, they get harder pretty fast. Try to climb the leaderboard and become the best Pogo Stick Jumper in the world. Unlock hats and show your style.

SayThis(Drinking Game)

A drinking game that takes up to 8 players and makes them read cards that have questions and dares. However, there may also be some secret challenges for the players to carry out while playing the game.

Bubble Blast

Bubble Blast game is a fun game specially designed for kids. In the Bubble Blast game, you have to shoot bubbles and create groups of three bubbles or more of the same bubbles to remove them from the game and collect all the fruit to win.

Spin art 3D

You are the most famous spin art maker. Fulfill custom orders or use your creativity to create designs and auction them off for the best price! Upgrade your equipment and see how it spikes the art price!

Shape Racing jelly shape

Shape Shift 3D is a very popular game whose goal is to survive as long as possible against increasingly difficult obstacles.


MiKatrina is an augmented reality game that seeks to learn and share more of Mexican culture through the catrina, an important element that is widely portrayed on the Day of the Dead. Enjoy putting together your own catrina and share your creation with anyone, if you do remember to use the hashtag #MiKatrina so that we can also see your creation.


You can win real cash prizes just by playing the game of 9 minutes. Get real cash prizes and pay money for playing games on the app. Everyone can win cash prizes by playing free or cash games. If you are looking for a great cash money app or looking to earn extra rewards then this is the right one for you. Install it on your phone today and start winning cash.

Zombie VS Slugger

From now on, you become a slugger, defeating zombies.

Emoooji – Online Emoji Guessing and Trivia Quiz

Emoooji is a quiz where questions from four different categories are asked in emoji form. With its constantly updated pool of questions, it allows you to match and compete with players from all over the world.

Typing game

Learn Typing and spelling with one of the best typing games in the store. A fun typing game for kids to improve typing and spelling and increase typing speed. Test your typing speed to its limit with this beautiful typing game and become an elite typist in the process.

Solitaire TriPeaks Islands – Solitaire Card Games

If you like card games, Try Solitaire TriPeaks Islands! It is absolutely the most fun Solitaire game of them all. A relaxing & challenging free solitaire card game with unique levels and new playstyles on traditional card games. You keep on playing, and then you’ll discover whole new islands – tons of levels and events that will challenge your mind, and satisfy your soul.

Coloring Book for kids & toddler drawing games

Coloring Book for kids & toddler drawing games Fun game is free coloring games by number to download educational games designed for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids and children of age group 2 to 12 years. It contains different coloring and learning themes with more than 80+ coloring pages For kids.

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